Very often, when talking about music, the an easy things are those that job-related best, and also the tune Love Me carry out by The Beatles is a an excellent example of straightforward but effective. Today, I desire to teach you exactly how to play favor John Lennon did on this memorable track, and to carry out this, I’ve listed you with the tabs and also videos for her practice, where you will certainly play through me very first and then alone ~ above the backing track. In every video, the tabs are shown to facilitate your training, and you’ll also find the sluggish version that both the play-along and also the backing track.

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Most of the note you’re going come use space on the very first 5 feet – in fact, everything happens on feet 3, 4, and 5 till we with the solo. There, you should be able to play a pair of draw bending on feet 2 and 3.

The initial Love Me carry out recording presents a pretty out-of-tune harmonica sound, and this perfectly suits this sort of song, since blues harmonica isn’t around perfection. Sometimes, it’s about ambiguous tuning, and the truth that the player doesn’t specifically hit every single note becomes an advantage, as it deserve to make whatever sound an ext soulful and genuine. And after all, that’s precisely why we love the blues harmonica, right?

In which vital do we must play Love Me Do? I would say G major, where every main lick end on the root keep in mind G, feet 3 blow. Basically, you’ll play in second position, using the minor seventh note F in ar of the significant F sharp.

Let’s start our evaluation of the track chords. The structure for this piece is an extremely simple: G, C, G, C, G, C, C, G. These room the chords that the main section, conversely, in the solo, you will do it find: G, C, G, C, D, D, C, G, D, D, C, G, G, G, G.

The track is one alternation of the harmonica riff and also the singer, and this sort of power was an extremely common at the time Love Me execute was composed. Often, even if it is it’s a harmonica, guitar, or piano, the main riff i do not care the song’s trademark. Execute you mental the harmonica intro of Billy Joel’s Piano Man? If girlfriend do, you know what ns mean!

Let’s currently take a look at the main riff – the one you find in the intro the the song and which is repeated, through slight variations, every time it introduce the singing. The notes space F, E, and D, followed by a an excellent rhythmical four-note sequence on hole 3 blow, keep in mind G. Notice that the G note is a crucial note in this tonality. Once playing the very first two notes, girlfriend can apply a tremolo using among your hand to close and also open the ago of the harmonica.

The an initial lick is then repeated with a variation, and you’ll beat a pair of triplets, both on hole 5, an initial aspirating and also then blowing. Every triplet lasts 2 beats, and this method of playing is really effective to underline the rhythm. The 2nd lick ends like the first, repeating the G note 4 times.

In the third lick, we have a variation at the end, wherein you’ll play a rapid passage 4+, 3, and also then play feet 5 blow applying a ‘tr’ coupling to obtain that certain sound you have the right to hear in the original song. In the critical phrase, you’ll usually repeat the last component of the previous lick.

Here room the tabs for the main theme:

5, 5+, 4, 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+

5 5 5, 5+ 5+ 5+, 4, 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+

5, 5+, 4, 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ 3

3+ 3+, 3+ 3+, 3+ 4+ 3


Here is the evaluation of the harmonica solo:

The very first lick is similar to the very first one of the key riff. In the second lick, you will do it play 5 hole attract triplet, yet in ar of the 2nd triplet, you’ll just play a single 5 blow, note E.

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In the third lick, you’ll play something fully different, and also this time, you’ll have to bend! On hole 3 draw, execute a double-step bending to get note A, and on feet 2 through a half-step bending to acquire the F sharp. In the 2nd lick part, you will do it play one more hole 2 draw bend, this time a totality tone one to obtain the keep in mind F naturally. Don’t problem if you can’t host those bent notes through a perfect sound – it’s not easy and also will take part time. The lick end on hole 1 draw, keep in mind D, and is then recurring with a tiny variation in the beginning, whereby you’ll beat the keep in mind B on feet 3 draw. The solo ends through a series of feet 3 blows.