We feel you! We recognize you desire to store a close inspect on your herb and know just how much you have with you, especially after utilizing some. However, you may think you would need a scale for that. No actually.

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It is feasible to measure up weed without the usage of a scale at all. Or, you could make your scale at home without having actually to shell out large bucks (bucks which you might otherwise invest on more weed!)

How to sweet Weed there is no a Scale?

Let’s take it a look in ~ a couple of simple methods and also tips on just how to sweet weed without a scale:

Use her ruler!

For this method, you will certainly need simply a ruler and a penny. It is the many common means of measuring weed. Many human being use it since of how an easy it is.

Remember exactly how you provided to balance things using a leader in childhood? Well, those an abilities are going to be comfortable now. Use any kind of penny after 1982 and also scale her weed. Each penny weighs 2.5 grams. Thus, once you create a small weighing range out of your ruler with the penny and the weed on one side each, friend will be able to scale it easily. You can use one even, rectangle-shaped eraser together the pivot.


Use her phone!

Phones space so smart this particular day that castle can assist you scale your weed too! There are apps that can assist you sweet your weed! just search in the application Store or pat Store, and you will discover quite a couple of options. Choose whichever you discover suitable, based upon reviews and also get weighing!


Go the DIY way!

If girlfriend don’t sophisticated any the the aforementioned methods and would love to communicate in some DIY activity, this method will aid you. Permit us define this to you in simple steps:

You will need:

A hanger string Scissors small baskets (You can find these online, or you can make them yourself based on how much a hobbyist friend are!) A tiny time

What you need to do:

A hole need to be driven into the exact center of the hanger. You might use the scissors to execute so. Now, make two much more holes, one on every corner. They need to be at the same distance from the center. Now cut the string right into two and tie them on either side using the feet you just punched in. You will need a third piece of string come tie come the middle hole. This will assist you balance the entirety thing.

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All you room left v is tying the tiny baskets come the corner strings. Go on, measure up away!!


How to measure up weed without a scale? after ~ going v this article, you can happily say that you know plenty of ways to carry out it! carry out you understand any more methods? Comment below!