A very straightforward farm the you have the right to make for you yourself in Minecraft. It is very easy to begin an egg farm as all you need is to record one chicken and also keep the safe. Chickens will lay egg intermittently and also all you must do is be adjacent to choose it up. With countless chickens, you can conveniently gather countless eggs. Eggs are helpful for making chicken farms, crafting cake, or do pumpkin pie. This guide will synopsis the forced materials because that making an egg farm, exactly how to do one, and how to use eggs in Minecraft.

Required materials for Egg Farming


What come first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, the is absolutely the chicken. Girlfriend will need to find a chicken first if you want an egg together there is no other method to attain eggs. Chickens will certainly spawn almost everywhere in the overworld whereby the light level is 9 or greater and has actually 2 blocks of air above it. Friend will additionally want seeds if you want to tempt the chicken to a safe environment. Seeds deserve to be derived by breaking high grass.


How to do an Egg farm yard in Minecraft

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First, friend will desire to locate and house a chicken. A small pen will certainly do, yet ensure the the fence or wall is at the very least two blocks tall. Foxes will aggro onto chickens, and if you carry out not desire your egg farm yard to be full of feathers, you need to take precautions to stop foxes from murdering your coop. First, locate some seeds. You can gather seed by destroying tall grass. 

Once you have your seeds, think around where you desire your chicken/egg farm to be. Place some fence posts or block at least two high to stop foxes native getting any kind of funny ideas. Also, think about placing 2 fence gates to prevent chickens indigenous wandering out if you desire to avoid spillage the chickens. 


Now the your coop is ready and also you have actually your seed you have the right to start come wrangle part chickens. Look around grassy areas for the clucking birds. Any form of seeds can attract the attention of chickens, use whatever seeds you have actually on hand. 


Walk your chicken back to the coop and also your chicken farm yard is well on that is way!


Chickens will certainly lay egg every 5-10 real-life minutes. You carry out not need a distinct incubator to hatch chickens, you can throw the eggs in the chicken coop to have a 1/8 chance to generate a chick. Currently that your chickens are penned increase you have the right to wait because that them come lay eggs. If friend would prefer you can additionally make the whole floor the the coop v hoppers leading into a chest to choose up the egg without walking right into the coop. 

How to use an Egg farm in Minecraft

Eggs are offered for a couple of things. Make cake, make pumpkin pie, making an ext chickens, and throwing at mobs. You can craft a cake with 3 milk buckets, 2 sugar, 3 wheat, and also 1 egg. Once you craft it you gain your 3 buckets back. 


You can also make a pumpkin pie come go together with your cake and collection a nice dinner table for your home. To do pumpkin pie combine a complete pumpkin, sugar, and also an egg in any type of configuration in your crafting menu. 

Throwing eggs has actually a 1/8 possibility of spawning a chick. If you want to boost the manufacturing of eggs the you have, either each other your chickens or throw the eggs they make into your coop. 


Throwing eggs at mobs will not deal any kind of damage, but can be funny if there is a passive mob the irritated you. Be careful throwing them in ~ neutral mobs favor llamas or wolves, just because they do not deal damages does not median the mob will not come to be angry in ~ you. 

In a Nutshell:

Eggs are mainly used for making more chickens. Lock are additionally used because that crafting certain baking items choose the cake or pumpkin pie. Other than your crafting and also animal husbandry uses, they room not very practical as these room their only functional uses. When throwing egg at a cow the refuses to enter its pen is a novelty, it does not achieve much. However, eggs are simple to obtain, and with one chicken friend can quickly gather whole chicken coop. 


Q. What are the odds of having a Chicken generate from an Egg in Minecraft?

A. Every egg friend throw has a 1/8 opportunity of spawning a chick. While these odds space not great at about 2 chicks per stack the eggs, girlfriend can quickly gather an ext eggs from every of her chickens. Because chickens will never stop laying eggs, farming an ext chickens gets much faster depending on how happy you obtain with having actually chicks pop the end of eggs. 

Q. Carry out you need to breed chicken for Eggs?

A. Reproduction a chicken v seeds will result in a chick, which eventually grows into a chicken, which can inevitably lay eggs. That being said, you do not need to breed chicken for them to lay an egg. A lone chicken have the right to lay eggs and also you have the right to fill your chicken coop with countless chickens through one solitary chicken. 

Q. Execute Eggs deal damages in Minecraft?

A. Eggs deal no damage in Minecraft. You can wire a dispenser come fire 144 eggs at any mob and also it will come out with the same wellness value the it did before it was hit with every egg. The does aggro-neutral mobs so you have to be careful where you throw the eggs. 


Congratulations, you now know the ins and outs of eggs in Minecraft. Eggs are valuable for getting much more chickens tremendously faster together eggs will accumulate conveniently with many chickens.

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While eggs just stack to 16, girlfriend can very quickly gain a full coop the chickens through the egg they produce. The chicken/egg farm is completely self-sufficient and also you execute not need any kind of further engagement past getting a chicken to safety and security to obtain your farm yard started.