If you find yourself act repetitive work requiring you to click your computer mouse repeatedly, you could need one auto clicker. One auto clicker is a piece of software program or, in ours case, a manuscript that will mimic a mouse click for you at any type of interval you like. That could assist automate particular data entry tasks, check applications, or even aid in games like Roblox or Minecraft, wherein the repetitive clicking is extensive. Let’s learn how to install an Auto Clicker because that Windows.

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How to install an Auto Clicker for Windows

There are multiple means to gain an auto clicker set up on Windows. However, plenty of of the programs space questionable in ~ best. We will opt to walk a slightly more indirect path with a item of software we trust. Because that this auto clicker, we will certainly be utilizing AutoHotKey, i beg your pardon is a an effective scripting language for Windows. The auto clicker will be a custom-written manuscript with the capacity to be toggled on and also off. Let’s get it done.

Right-click on her folder and go to new -> AutoHotKey manuscript


Name your new script

Right-click the brand-new script and also go to open up With -> Notepad


Paste the adhering to code listed below the last heat in the script


Double click on your script

Auto Clicker script (copy and paste this)

toggle = 0#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2F9:: Toggle := !Toggle when Toggle click sleep 1000 returnYour AutoClicker is now all set up and also running in the background. You have to see the AutoHotKey icon in her taskbar now, reflecting that you have a manuscript running. At any type of time, you deserve to right-click on the icon and also close the script.


Toenable your auto clickerhit theF9 key. Hitting the same an essential will also disable it. You have the right to customize this key in the script by an altering the F9:: line to whatever key you prefer.

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This auto clicker will certainly click every second, however you deserve to customize this if you edit thesleep 1000lineto any hold-up you like. The hold-up is measured in milliseconds, therefore if friend would like the auto clicker to click double a second, friend would readjust it to sleep 500 to click every 500 milliseconds.

That’s every there is to it. Currently you have actually a simple, customizable auto clicker without any crazy software. Enjoy!