If you’re serious around knives, then there’s no doubt you’ve looked into how knives space made and also have maybe even yearned come make her own.

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About a month ago, I composed a post on how to make your own knife the end of a file. When making a knife that means is definitely legitimate, it requires some less typical tools and machinery, i m sorry you would never find in the wilderness.

There’s in reality a much simpler way to make a cool feather knife by flintknapping, i m sorry can additionally come in handy during survival situations.

For anyone not familiar with knapping, the dates back to prehistoric times and also is regularly done with flint, obsidian, chert or other particular stones. Usually what you perform is take something like copper cylinders, hammer away material and flake off the ends to make it sharp. Then affix a handle and also you’re finished.

It actually just takes a few materials and tools to make a an excellent looking knife that’s exceptionally sharp and also functional.

If you’re great at flintknapping, girlfriend can additionally make part money. In a recent article in the Newark Advocate, writer cock Martin claimed he to know a guy who selling his job-related at arts and also crafts mirrors for $10 an inch.

So, if you’re interested in making your own knife whether because that money or sale, right here are some an easy instructions on exactly how to go around doing it.

1. Get the materials

Even despite you have the right to do knapping v a range of materials, flint is most likely the easiest due to the fact that it is the most easily accessible and was generally used by native Americans. It’s possible to discover flint the end in the wild, yet it might be difficult in some areas. You can buy tiny chunks the flint end the net or in ~ shops. Various other tools you will need incorporate copper cylinders, a screwdriver and also protective equipment for her hands and eyes. Part people likewise have flintknapping kit that come v all the products you’ll need. The course, if you’re out in the wild friend will need to make carry out with stones.

2. To win the flint or rock to create flakes

Once you have actually the thick pieces of rock or flint, you need to reduced off workable pieces of tongue by highlight it. The video clip below demonstrates just how to reduced off nice pieces (it likewise demonstrates why you must wear protective gear). When this have the right to sometimes it is in inexact, you desire to ideally take it off pieces the size of a knife blade.

3. Usage a screwdriver or allude for well flaking

For this step, countless true outdoorsmen have actually used the point of antlers or horns, yet beginners must stick to timeless tools choose a screwdriver. That takes part practice, yet the idea is to tenderness flake off the political parties of the flint, for this reason you can sharpen the edges. For an ext detailed instructions on exactly how to do this, check out this site.

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4. Include a handle

After you’ve completed the finishing touches on the sharp flint blade, put on a handle. There space a couple ways to execute this. If you’re good a working v wood, friend can affix a wooden take care of to the end by affixing it with sturdy ice or wire. Another means is come wrap the entire bottom fifty percent with tape and also cord together a makeshift handle. For this final step, check approximately the internet for various ideas and also how come execute them.