Have you ever seen a balloon magically stick to something? gaining balloons to stick to objects with static electrical power is standard trick, yet it never ceases to impressive young children. You might have watched someone gain balloons come stick to hair, offering the human a head full of static. This trick provides the very same principals to gain a balloon come stick to a item of structure fabric. Skip the tangled hair, and also watch your children be amazed.

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What friend Need:

Two balloonsFabric do of structure of synthetic materials the can produce a static charge (a wool sock works perfectly here)A dried day (with tiny humidity)

What you Do:

Inflate both balloons.Charge one of the balloons through rubbing the cloth versus it.Have your child place the charged next of the balloon against a wall. Discuss what wake up next!Have your child shot pressing the balloon versus different surfaces to see if it sticks. The balloon might need a 2nd charge before he's done!Try pressing the carged balloon versus the 2nd balloon.Did castle stick together?Have your child charge both balloons. Make a hypothesis: will the balloons stick together when both space charged? shot it with each other to discover out.
What's going On?Rubbing the balloon v a piece of cloth gives it a an adverse charge, likewise known as static electricity. Enough static electrical power will pressure the balloon to stick come neutrally fee surfaces, such together walls, byattracting the positive charge to the surface. The balloon is light, so this fee is sufficient to reason it to stick to the wall.

If you try to leave the balloon ~ above the wall, at some point it will loss to the ground. In this case, the static fee dissipates end time, bring about the balloon to shed its an unfavorable charge and also unstick itself.

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The 2 balloons will stick together if one is fee in the same method the balloon sticks to the wall. However, 2 negatively charged balloons will certainly repel each other.


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