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Generally, a Greek God physique will include:

Strong, thick musclesLow human body fat (closer to 8-10%)An ultra-wide V-taper and narrow belt comboWell-defined leg musclesRounded and bulky biceps, triceps, shoulders, and pectoralsSymmetry (no muscles are stealing the display from lagging ones)

The Greek God physique is the textbook definition for “aesthetic,” thanks to its emphasis on symmetry and also muscular balance, i beg your pardon you’ll uncover later when discussing the gold Ratio.

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But if you’re struggling in the date department, sculpting a Greek God physique could earn girlfriend ogling eye while you’re shirtless at the beach or pump iron in a tank top.

In a word, you’ll look (and feel) “ripped.”

Greek God Physique Measurements

The “Father of modern-day Bodybuilding” was a Victorian-era bodybuilder hailing from Prussia by the name of Eugen Sandow. By today’s standards, Sandow was “ahead the his time.”

In the so late 1800s, Sandow wowed audiences with his brute pressure strength and also athleticism, one-arm snatching 180 lbs and also performing backflips with 30+ lb weights in each hand.

But his 5’9”, 185 lb develop with the following measurements wasn’t a fluke:

Biceps: 18”Chest: 48”Waist: 30”Upper leg: 27”Calves: 18”

Sandow admittedly visited neighborhood museums if lugging approximately a measure tape v one score in mind: to lay out the physical proportions of the creative statues portraying Greek Gods.

He go away v a formula that future bodybuilding elites — an especially 40s legend Steve Reeves — would certainly follow when chasing that standard “Greek God physique.”

If you’re ready to hit out some math, we can tell girlfriend what her physique must look like.

(Before friend hop on the toilet scale choose you normally would, seize a measuring tape to obtain accurate measurements.)

Care Touch Skinfold human body Fat measure up Tape

Get accurate and easy dimensions of her limbs and waist v this nifty measuring ice tool. Holds quickly in one hand and also retracts v the push of a button.


Before We proceed …

Building a Greek God physique is fairly cut-and-dry as soon as it involves the end results.

However, the path you take it to placed Zeus to shame relies on even if it is you’re starting with a low-hanging beer gut or an already-built decently muscular physique.

Are you starting from scratch at square one?

Or room you simply putting a couple of prideful finishing touch on a solid build?

Since you understand training and also nutrition no one-size-fits-all, girlfriend may need to adapt her plans to enhance your goals. Through that, let’s obtain to the Greek God physique workout and also diet!

The Greek God Physique Workout

The traditional Greek God physique boils under to a couple of target areas and also concepts.

These encompass sculpting large shoulders, structure super-wide lats, puffing up your pectorals, beefing up her arms, and also developing symmetry anywhere else (really, everywhere!).

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.

The Greek God workout Principles

Now the you understand which muscle teams take top priority, you also need to construct a Greek God routine that properly builds both mass and also strength.

Remember, you’re aiming for large and dense muscles!

That requires a little bodybuilding know-how, including these principles:


Now, usually we’re shouting “8-12 reps” native the rooftops. And, it is because practically every training company — consisting of the ACSM — regards that range as the finest for hypertrophy.

However, you deserve to make a situation for virtually any selection when you add density come the picture.

We’re walking to emphasis on two, in particular.

The consensus seems come be the 8-12 reps are ideal for an sufficient time under stress and anxiety (TUT), muscle tearing (and later growth), and achieving the blood-pooling “pump.”

But sub-five rep sets have a unique edge: place a heavier fill on your muscles because that fewer reps permits you come train because that strength, thickening her muscle fibers and also ramping up your PRs.

Lift heavier, get stronger.

Choose rep ranges between 1-12.

Training Days per Week (& %1RM)

Again, the Greek God physique sends out us for another twist because twice a mainly is typically the “gold standard” because that sculpting substantial mass (according come a 2016 study).

We’re going come recommend 3 training sessions total per week.

A little startled? this is why.

If you’re commonly following one 8-12 rep scheme, you’re maxing the end at 71-81% of her 1RM. Drop her upper-end score to 5 reps, even if just for a couple of sets, and also that number inflates to 89%.

Your muscles require time to recover between workouts. Now, the recommendation sits at between 48-72 hrs after the squat, leg press, and bench press (according to a 2019 study).

Or basically, the link lifts, i beg your pardon you should use to command every workout.

And, if she ramping increase the intensity also slightly, one more day or 2 of rest have the right to return friend to complete strength, guaranteeing you’ll be at near-100% by the time you struggle the rack again.

The heavier you deserve to lift, and also the more reps you deserve to crank out, the more you’ll mass up!

Rest in between Sets

The number of seconds (or minutes) you wedge in between sets is among the many hotly challenged subjects in the bodybuilding community — amongst many.

Since she eyeing lower reps, greater resistance, and also boosted stamin and size, let’s lean on 2009 research suggesting that your muscles require even more recovery time in between sets.

Waiting a little longer 보다 your conventional 30-60 of remainder can additionally trigger a greater anabolic hormone response, bring about even much more impressive growth.

Expect in between 1-2 minute of rest in between sets!

The Schedule

You’ll find three workouts below that space a component of ours latest regime rollout: A Greek God physique workout. There space two ways you deserve to arrange your workouts during the week.

First …

Monday: practice ATuesday: RestWednesday: workout BThursday: RestFriday: exercise CSaturday: RestSunday: Rest

Or, you deserve to hold come an every various other day pattern. In various other words, instead of relaxing on Sunday, you deserve to cycle ago to workout A, leave the following Monday as a remainder day, and also so on.

Now, this is the workout:

(All you need are cost-free weights and machines; a an easy gym membership will certainly do yet we don’t desire to mislead you. You have the right to still build a Greek God physique v calisthenics too).

Workout A – Quadriceps, Hamstrings, & Calves

Back Squat – 4 set x 3-5 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>Romanian Deadlift – 4 sets x 3-5 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>Sumo Deadlift – 3 to adjust x 8-10 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>Barbell an excellent Morning – 3 to adjust x 8-10 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>Standing Calf progressive – 2 sets x 15 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>

Workout B – Chest, Triceps, & Abs

Bench press – 4 sets x 3-5 reps <90 sec. Rest in between sets>Incline Bench push – 3 sets x 8-10 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>Dumbbell Lateral advanced – 3 to adjust x 8-10 reps <90 sec. Rest in between sets>Barbell French press – 3 set x 8-10 reps <90 sec. Rest in between sets>Weighted Sit-Up – 3 sets x 10-12 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>

Workout C – Back, Traps, & Biceps

Pull-Up – 4 set x 3-5 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>Bent-Over heat – 4 sets x 3-5 reps <90 sec. Rest in between sets>Dumbbell Shrug – 3 set x 8-10 reps <90 sec. Rest in between sets>Dumbbell Bicep curl – 3 set x 8-10 reps <90 sec. Rest between sets>Rear Deltoid progressive – 3 set x 10-12 reps <90 sec. Rest in between sets>

The Greek God Physique Diet

Turning your Herculean dreams into a truth is a small more challenging than complying with an already-laid-out workout regime (for obvious reasons).

Not only do you need to forfeit her nightly brews, McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A pit stops, and common delicacies (like extra whipped cream), yet you likewise have to think about these three things:

CaloriesMacros (protein, fats, carbohydrates)Supplements

If you want to snag a beach-ready, sports Illustrated-worthy, Greek God physique, stop talk about how to execute that via how you fuel your body!


If friend remember from earlier, the standard Greek God physique hovers approximately 8-10% body fat. That leaves you v a few options about your future video game plan:

Cutting down to your best BF% before bulkingBulking to her Grecian Ideal before cutting

Regardless of wherein you’re starting, you need to number out your TDEE — full daily power expenditure. In various other words, difficult to your daily routine, how numerous calories carry out you burn?

You have the right to use this calculator to discover how many calories come eat everyday to preserve your weight. If she 26 years old, 5’9”, 160 lbs, v an office job, you need 2,035 calorie daily!

If you Bulking …

Add around 10-20% to her TDEE (or around 200-300 calories), follow to a 2019 examine looking into off-season bodybuilders bulking up.

If You’re cut …

Strive come lose around 0.5-1% of your body weight per mainly to stop muscle loss. For reference, a pound of fat is around 3500 calories.

Multiply her body load by 1%, multiply that by 3500, and divide the number by 7 — that’s your everyday calorie deficit to target for.


Achieving a Greek God physique also method fueling her body because that either fat lose or muscle mass. However interestingly enough, the two purposes share comparable macronutrient breakdowns.

In a 2004 examine detailing what bodybuilders eat in the six weeks leading as much as competition and in the off-season, maximal fat loss and also mass gains came from a diet with:

MacronutrientIdeal Percentage

(The key difference between in-season and also off-season bodybuilding diets often tends to be how plenty of calories you’ll eat every day.)

Of course, these percentages will enhance up v the variety of calories friend eat per day. For example, if your calorie goal sits at a steady-2,500, you should aim for:

750-875 calories precious of protein1,125-1,500 calorie of carbohydrates375-750 calorie from fats

And, if you an alert you’re gaining a tad pudgy or feeling wiped out energy-wise, feel cost-free to inch closer to the higher or lower ends.

After a enjoy the meal or two, you will do it realize the tracking these numbers can come to be a blur. It is why diet apps prefer MyFitnessPal have the right to put her nutritional intake into a better perspective.


Perhaps the biggest make-or-break in her Greek God arrangement isn’t what you munching on because that dinner or once you’re sneaking below for your nightly midnight snack.

Supplements deserve to pick up the slack and push her gains over the edge. If you decide to use any type of three supplements to sneak right into Poseidon territory, us recommend:


Creatine is the supplement the does the all, particularly if friend crave heavier lifts, huge gains, and sheer confidence in the gym.

Swolverine Kre-Alkalyn Creatine

If girlfriend want more strength, muscle, and power, this complement is 100 servings of pure creatine to speed up recovery and also increase her gains in the gym. Mixes conveniently in any type of drink there is no any added ingredients.

The outcomes are earth-shattering (okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic, however they’re still impressive). This is what a 12-week clinical trial from 1999 found — creatine vs. Placebo:

Double the mass development (6.3% vs. 3.1%)8% better bench and squat increases24% more form I muscle fiber growth

As a Greek God-bod chaser, 5-10g the creatine per day can help you outlast your previous workouts, boost muscle size, and thicken her already-existing pythons!

It’s a small nudge in the right direction.

Whey Protein

A Greek God physique requires about 0.8g that protein per pound of body load in most cases.

And, stop be honest, those online eating plans saying grilled chicken 3-4 times a job don’t take it boredom or short appetite right into consideration.

That’s where most amateur lifters grab because that whey protein.

Swolverine Whey Protein Isolate

This is one of our optimal recommended whey protein powders due to the fact that of it's high protein contents per serving, excessive deliciousness, and also the reality that all Swolverine assets are sourced from GMP-certified facilities

Whey protein powder v 20-40g that protein per scoop is a great pick-me-up post-workout and also can keep your protein input in inspect if you’re low by the evening.

(A 2017 study found that dosing with 25g the whey protein at night post-training deserve to improve protein level after 10 hours and also can fast-track recovery and muscle repair between workouts.)

Pre-Workout Powder

Pre-workout powder won’t work miracles. In various other words, the caffeinated jolt won’t supply superhuman strength and also catapult her 150 lb bench to a 300 lb PR.

C4 Ripped Pre-Workout and also Cutting Formula

Formulated through CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine and also caffeine to enhance your muscular endurance and keep tiredness at bay together you crush the in the gym.

According come 2019 research, many pre-workout users rely on these supplements for:

More energy and also focus (89%)Improved muscular endurance (37.3%)Extra blood flow — or the standard lifting “pump” (37%)Greater muscular strength (30%)More muscle mass (13%)

With a scoop the pre-workout flour 30 minutes before a workout, girlfriend can nearly guarantee far better mental focus while lifting, lengthier workouts, and better recovery post-workout!

It might be much more placebo than anything, v your mental tricking you right into thinking you’re an ext energized 보다 you are.

But hey, the works!

What You must & do not do it Eat

The bonus around following the Greek God diet is the you can apply the IIFYM dominion (short for “If the Fits your Macros”). The table listed below details which foods you should and shouldn’t eat:

What You need to Eat/DrinkWhat friend Shouldn’t Eat/Drink
● Water (sparkling or regular)● Coffee● Steak● ground turkey● Chicken breast● Tuna● Salmon● Sweet potatoes● green vegetables● Berries● fresh fruits● Yogurt (Greek or low-fat)● Almonds, peanuts, and also other nuts● Rice● Beans● Whole-grain pasta● Carrots (and comparable vegetables)● Eggs● Quinoa● cottage cheese● Almond milk● to apologize & citrus fruits● Alcohol● Juice● continual soda● whole milk● continuous ice cream● Candy● Bacon● Sausage● Pure butter● Fried foods● box anything● Desserts (in excess)

The goal is for virtually every calorie to average something. For example, constant soda has actually sugar, which equals carbs, however those very same carbs would certainly fuel her body better in the type of rice.

It’s the difference in between clean and dirty bulking.

How long Does It take to obtain a Greek God Physique?

In every honesty, that relies on wherein you’re starting, how countless BF% you have to lose to reach 8-10%, and also how many inches you have to get from shoulders come calves.

It’s safe to lose around 1-2% that your existing body fat per week. If the final leg of her journey to be slimming down and also revealing well-defined muscles, here’s how long it might take:

Current human body FatHow numerous Weeks until 10%?
10%0 (good job!)

If you’re passionate to add a tiny lean bulk to her muscular build, her Greek God physique purposes are most likely 6-24 months away.

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Yes, the a long journey. However, v a clean diet, three-day workout plan, and supplements in your routine, you can potentially fast-track your results.

Remember, the goal is steady overload. When you can tack ~ above 30, 40 pounds 6 months down the road, you understand that you’re both stronger and your muscles are larger!