Get a generosity amount that pomade (about the dimension of a quarter), distribute it same throughout your hands, climate coat every one of your hair evenly. Don’t worry about styling the yet! simply take her time and also make certain you have an even coat the pomade anywhere your hair. You’ll get much better hold and also a more greaser-y shine. Plus, an extra styling you want to execute will be a lot less difficult.

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Once the pomade is every up in her hair, take a comb or brush and comb it all back. Start with the sides, then occupational on the top, and also there you have actually it, greaser hair. In ~ this point, you have the right to do additional styling if you’d prefer to try for a Folsom (where you comb in a part); Pompadour (where you push your hair on optimal forward a little to produce a giant wave); Elephant’s stems (where you twirl her bangs in front to obtain a curly thingy); or a Duck’s Ass (where girlfriend comb her hair in a method that renders the back of your head look favor a duck’s butt).

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Also, it’s recommended you bring a comb and also a little pomade v you as soon as you leave the house. Her cool new ‘doo will need likely need some solving throughout the day since the pomade keeps your hair wet.

Lookin’ sharp! now all you need is a leather jacket, a switchblade, and also some cigarettes rolled into your sleeve.