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Varrock has actually a big sewer device with many tunnels, found beneath the lock which contains a wide variety of low to mid-level monsters. The Varrock Sewers area is a great place for free-to-play football player to train.

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Enter the manhole eastern of Varrock lock (see picture on map), or via one Agility shortcut in Edgeville Dungeon.


The dungeon is a huge place through various means to go. Some tunnels lead to dead ends, when others cause deadly traps and also aggressive monsters.

A flow flows through out the sewers enabling players come safely train Magic and also Ranged skills on the skeletons top top the various other side. The only downside come this is that Arros are not able come be picked up, other than for using the "Telekinetic Grab".

A ladder in this area that leads to level 20 Zombies bring about a cage that organize a level 21 Grizzly Bear. This is the only method to access this cage.

A spiderweb the acts as a gate have the right to be reduced using the "Slash" alternative to obtain entrance right into a area with "Moss Giants" and "Deadly Red Spiders". Inside the moss gigantic section, over there is a faster way pipe that leads come Edgeville Dungeon. This needs level 51 Agility.Monsters:

Deadly red spider95
Giant rat7, 9
Giant spider2, 33
Moss Giant51
Skeleton16, 32
Zombie12, 29

Just north of the sewer entrance space two sisters, Phingspet and also Grimesquit. They play a function in the members-only pursuit Ratcatchers. Respawns:

Coins - Caoins can be found by the entrance to the sewers close to level 7 and 9 giant rats. There is an additional respawn that coins in the area inhabited by level 95 deadly red spiders.Mind Rune - Respawns in the area that contains the level 29 Zombies.Body Rune - Respawns in the area that contains the level 29 Zombies.Knife - Respawns in the small room the is guarded through level 33 giant Spiders.Red Spider"s eggs - There space two respawns in the large room where level 95 fatal red spiders reside. Red spiders" egg are offered in the Herblore skill.Iron ax - Respawns in in between the little areas whereby the level 51 moss giants inhabit.Earth Rune - There room two locations: One is situated near the red spider eggs, the other is situated not far from the steel hatchet.

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This Map was composed by Phantom and Maxg3002. Thanks to Javezz, DRAVAN, Jarkur, and Ator50 because that corrections.This Map was gone into into the database top top Fri, january 16, 2004, at 08:01:08 am by MrStormy, and it to be last update on Mon, may 18, 2015, in ~ 10:14:23 to be by Jarkur.