Before i get any silly comments like "Hurr durr I currently knew the hue lel kek derp", I know quite a sizable amount of you have this knowledge but not anyone is aware, for this reason I"m presenting this blog in the kind of a guide.

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Occasionally ~ above amino girlfriend will view blogs of civilization asking for specific evolutionary stones.


Plz gimme a shiny stone I don"t know just how to discover one :(That was till I check out this guide, currently I gained one every by myself :3

By the means I"m not condemning anyone for asking for stones, in fact I"m fairly thankful it motivated me to do a guide that some may discover helpful.

The prize lies in at sight training, specifically the secret regimens. Your high-tier prizes are evolutionary stones. And if done properly, you can get a stable supply of those stones so friend won"t must worry around asking others.

:vhs: :vhs: UNLOCKING secret REGIMENS :vhs: :vhs:

These room the regimens



Some human being are unaware the the mystery regimens, or at the very least don"t know how to gain it. However I"ll explain how come get accessibility to it.


Sorry the Kabutops has a poor EV spread, ns only lugged it along to spread Pokerus come my other Pokemon xD

See the meter on the right? That"s what I contact the EV meter. Everytime you obtain EVs, either by supervisor training or intended EV training, it will rise.


See? it got much more filled!

Well, you got to to fill it come the max. Until you cannot to fill it any type of more. This is shown by the muscle icon shown.

And over there you go. You"ve unlocked the last 2 pages!

You execute NOT require to complete all or even any kind of of the vault regimen come unlock the mystery regimens. All is strictly needed is maxed the end EVs.

See? deliberately left part out however you see the 5 pages so it way I didn"t have to do them.

:briefcase: :briefcase: i m sorry REGIMEN offers WHAT :briefcase: :briefcase:

Here"s a perform of the an enig regimens and their noted high-tier prizes.

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If you"re like "But i beat the charizard one and also I got soda pop and not fire stone!!" note that friend MUST finish it in a really very brief amount the time to get a great shot of being awarded the evolutionary rock as the prize. I"ll later go over exactly how to complete the regimens quickly.