Getting Manaphy Now first of all, you have to finish the game. After ~ you"ve completed the game,(this does not mean gaining 100%)you need to be may be to access to the Ranger net. Now to unlock Manaphy you have to unlock the an enig mission. Follow my directions:1-Press and Hold The space button, climate the X button and also then left ~ above the control pad.(Has to it is in in order offered in.)2-Next something will show up that says "Please get in Password"3-Then revolve off and also on the power once tells girlfriend to4-go ago to the Ranger net and click top top "Enter Password"(If you did precisely as ns said, then it should be there. If not shot again).5-This is the Password: P8M2-9D6F-43H76-After you"ve done that, girlfriend will have actually unlocked the mission "Recover the valuable Egg!". This will more than likely be her favorite mission.7- finish the MissionSending ManaphyBefore friend send Manaphy to Platinum, Diamond or Pearl, girlfriend need:1-Ether Pokemon Platinum, Pearl or Diamond2-you need to have actually 2 Nintendo Ds (you can additionally use her friends. Or family"s Ds too).Now, listen carefullyFirstly, girlfriend must have actually Pokemon Ranger in one Ds and also Pokemon Platinum, Pearl or Diamond in the various other Ds.Secondly, go to the Ranger net on the Ds who has Pokemon Ranger in it, next you will see something that will say "check ~ above Manaphy Egg", click that.after, it will certainly say something around sending the ranger article to the Sinnoh Region, click yes.Thirdly, conveniently open the Ds with Pokemon Platinum, Pearl or Diamond( it yes, really dosen"t matter which one) and go come the starting menu. If her still sending out the ranger message, then wait a while.Later, inspect the Ds v Pokemon Platinum, Pearl or Diamond. It should present you something about obtaining the Manaphy Egg,click yes.after you carry out that, the Manaphy Egg will certainly not it is in on Pokemon Ranger, but if you desire to do this again, the you need to restart her Pokemon Ranger file.then walk to the pokemart(any pokemart)and you will watch a dude in a green suit, talk to him. After the you"ve obtained the Manaphy Egg! Yay!!!!!!!Note: that takes 3000 actions to hatch it.Hope i helped!

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