This page consists of information around the an overwhelming to discover blitzball ability Jecht shot 2 (JS2) in the game last Fantasy X (FFX, FF10). Review on come know just how to obtain one the the hardest to find out blitzball techniques in the game.

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How to get Jecht shooting 2

Learn Tidus" an essential Technique level 3

It is crucial to discover Tidus vital Techniques before obtaining the Jecht shoot 2. Part abilities have the right to only it is in learned by finding out the corresponding crucial technique level for the player.

Appears as a tournament Prize

The Jecht shooting 2 shows up as a rarely prize in blitzball tournaments.

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The chances of the JS2 appearing is same to the level of Tidus / 100 so enhancing Tidus level is essential to discover the Jecht shot easily. For tips top top levelling increase players, watch the connect below.How come Level increase Blitzball Players

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