I have actually seen many forum articles where customers state the you need to defeat the key bosses top top Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, and Firecat Alley, and the Headmaster will offer you the pursuit to walk to Colossus Boulevard. I have defeated almost all of the bosses in those streets, and the quest has not unlocked.

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What are the needs to obtain into Colossus Boulevard?



You need to defeat practically all the bosses in magician CityDefeat the Harvest Lord, the Kraken and Sergeant Skullsplitter (all of who are situated in Triton Avenue).

Complete Cyclops lane by beating General Akilles and Eyus Maximus.

Vanquish all adversaries located in Firecat Alley (Melweena Smite, Bastila Gravewynd, Alicane Swiftarrow and/or Wormguts).

Venture come Olde Town and defeat Foulgaze in the ar of battle.

Obtain 750 crowns or acquisition a video game membership. Without one of the two, girlfriend cannot get in Colossus Boulevard.

Speak to Merle and also he will certainly send girlfriend on a pursuit to discover Private O"Doyle. The private has actually the an essential to Colossus Boulevard.

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