I to be at a suggest with my hunter, level 72 now, that ns am charred out top top him and want come roll some alts come see just how other classes play.

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I gained a couple of heirlooms after buying a WoW token. I want several of the people that need guild rep, though, for this reason I'm wondering how to easily do that.

I did level boost a monk goblin come 100 once I tried acquiring into Legion a while back. Due to the fact that he gets merchant discounts, perhaps I have to use him because that this?

Edit: many thanks for every the input, i think the pretty clear now exactly how to go around doing this :)



Well i wish I can say specifics. However I joined a guild and just lvled for a while. It taken place really fast. And also I would certainly assume shot to do some dungeons and other stuff v the guild. Additionally idk about the seller discounts but I would usage the greater lvl guy.

Pretty much any in-game activity will level friend up. As soon as you gain to Honored you have the right to buy a unique tabard the will significantly increase guild rep gains from that point on. Then there’s one more tabard in ~ revered but I don’t think that adds any an ext rep gain and only provides you a shorter cool down for the harbor to Stormwind ability. (8hr in ~ Honored and 4hr at Revered)

join guild obtain the tabard and quest for an hour on level appropriate quests, its really quick

if you desire a quick guild to sign up with just gain in the key cg-tower.com's

Quests of proper level give guild rep on turn in. For this reason either begin a new char and ask a guild to invite you level 1 or pursuit with her lv72/100.

Its worth noting that everyday quests also count. You can take your lv72 to the isle that Quails and do the daily quests over there - 10 of castle bunched up with each other over a pair of days will hit exalted quite fast.

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