This page describes how to obtain Epona in Ocarina the Time so connect can drive onhorseback throughout Hyrule.

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After you acquire the master Sword in the temple of Time,you can rescue Epona. Yet in stimulate to get her, you will need at least 60 rupees,and you require to have learned Epona"s song from Malon in Lon Lon Ranch in the past.

Where come Summon Epona

Once you rescue Epona, girlfriend will be able to summon her everywhere in Hyrule Field,Lake Hylia, Gerudo Valley, and also Gerudo Fortress, making travel aroundHyrule much easier. Girlfriend can additionally getBiggoron"s Swordafter friend rescue Epona.

Step One: practice with Epona

Go to Lon Lon Ranch as adult Link.Talk come Ingo through the enntrance gate to the corral, and also when the asks, choose toride a horse. Once inside the corral, play Epona"s Song, and Epona willcome over to you. Climb into the saddle.

To ride, use the manage stick come move. While relocating forward, you can use acarrot to rate up. You only have actually six carrots. If you have actually somecarrots left, friend will slowly regain carrots until your meter isfull again. But if you use up all of your carrots, there will certainly be adelay, and also then your meter will be refilled.If you want to go quickly, leaving at the very least one carrot in your meterto stop that delay.

Ride about the corral, and also jump over the middle of the fences come geta blue rupee for each fence. You need to speed increase to get over the higher fence.Ride around until Ingo stops you. Ask to ride again, call Epona, andclimb up. This time, get close to Ingo if riding Epona, and also talk tohim. He"ll wager 50 rupees that he have the right to beat friend in a race. Expropriate the bet.

Step Two: race Ingo

Right in ~ the start of the race, usage some carrots to try to squeezein prior of Ingo, but don"t use every one of your carrots. Use carrots closely to keep your lead.If you"re in the lead,don"t use any type of carrots. If Ingo starts come come closer, use one or two.Make sure to have an virtually full carrot meter together you get close come thefinish line.If friend lose, friend will need to pay 50 rupees to gyeongju Ingo again.

After you beat Ingo in the first race, he will obtain upset and bet the horse on the race.This second race is harder. At the begin of the race,you probably won"t be able to squeeze in prior of Ingo this time.Just useenough carrots to obtain right behind Ingo, and also stay close come the inside track, however be cautious not come touch the fence or the will slow-moving you down. Try to gain in former of Ingo without using every one of your carrots.Ingo accelerates just before the finish line, so shot to keep your carrotmeter as complete as possible before you obtain close to the end up line.

If friend lose, just keep trying.

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Step Three: Escape from the Ranch

Once you win both races,Ingo lets you save the horse, yet he catch you inside ofthe ranch. Friend can get out by having Epona jump end a wall.Just revolve to confront the nearestouter wall surface that has actually spikes ~ above the top, and gallop toward the left sideof it, using all her carrots. You"ll jump end the wall surface and leave the ranch.Now you can contact Epona from Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia,Gerudo Valley, and also the Gerudo Fortress.Now the you have Epona, you can getBiggoron"s Sword.