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How to gain my dragon to drink water

by opi » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:26 afternoon

My girl is 18 months, she is pretty healthy and balanced by many standards. However, I"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgm quiet trying to number out exactly how to store her hydrated. She will certainly not touch the water in her tank, she no baths, therefore the last thing her mind when she is in the bath is to take it a drink. If I"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgm lucky she will certainly eat she wet veggies when I first give them to her. I offer her part fluids every few days with a feeding tube. I understand it"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgs nuts.... And also I know, she is a dessert animal....but in her latest vet test, her urate levels to be a little bit high so, I desire to make certain she is getting sufficient fluids. Any type of suggestions, exactly how do you obtain your dragon to drink water? Thanks,Opi

Re: just how to acquire my dragon come drink water

by Rozen » Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:33 pm

Re: how to obtain my dragon to drink water

by Embee » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:33 pm

opi wrote:She will not touch the water in she tank, she hates baths, so the last thing her mind when she is in the bathtub is to take it a drink.

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Many beardies perform not drink, so no worries. This is precisely the reason it is so necessary to bathe castle however, i realize the there is a certain amount that "https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgtough love"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpg that goes along with this.
Beardies take in many of their water in ~ the vent (where lock poop), so a good 15-20 minute soak, 2-4 times every week in baby heat water is yes, really all they have to remain properly hydrated. Well, that and also proper tank temps.
One cheat I"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgve learned freshly is to have actually beardie out of the enclosure for a couple of minutes before putting her right into the bath. If she"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgs straight out of her enclosure, going from the desert warmth to the bath have the right to seem jarring and she tries come bolt. However, if she"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgs had a minute on mine shoulder or looking the end the window, she cools some, and then often tends to calm in the bath as it"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-get-bearded-dragon-to-drink/imager_1_9756_700.jpgs nice and also warm and also soothing.As Rozen mentioned, a great supplemental hydrating technique is to put some autumn on the nose or mist beardie lightly on the head, and also she might take a fall or two that way, in enhancement to the bathing. Hope this helps to relief you!The best,Em