Just once you arrangement to do a dazzling advent at a date of birth party, you wake up up and realize your LED shoes room not functioning anymore. All that you had figured out around the fiery affect you would leave through all the hilarity and luminescence now looks choose a mirage.

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Even so, all is no lost. Permit us save the job by mirroring you exactly how to settle LED shoes. V some time and a tiny know-how about electricity and technology, you deserve to restore the flashy illustration of her LED shoes.

What space LED Shoes?

LED shoes first appeared in the ’90s as a kid’s fashion item. They were, however, banned ~ a while when authorities uncovered the shoes had mercury that is hazardous come humans. Those at an early stage versions worked when the children stepped top top the shoe together they walked, ran, or played. The mercury sensor would certainly be triggered to irradiate up and also flicker.

Recent developments of the LED shoes encompass spring-operated sensors. Once pressed ~ above impact, they finish the circuit and light up. These shoes execute not contain any kind of harmful facets like lock did once they were originally made v mercury sensors. Besides, lock are accessible for young and youthful wearers.

Some modern LED shoes also have a rechargeable battery and also a USB harbor for connecting to a charger. When charged, they have the right to stay powered for up to 7 hours.

What damages Your LED Shoes?

Your LED shoes room sensitive, especially since they have actually a battery circuit fastened in the sole or heel. Below are some conditions that can damages them:


Excessive warm makes the battery to explode or bubble up. Store your LED lamp in a cool and ventilated place. Exposing them to heat for even some minutes will injury the battery.


In instance water seeps inside the LED casing, it reasons the steel to oxidize. This loss the battery and deteriorates the wires and also inner electrical components. As a result, the LED lighting system starts to malfunction. Avoid submerging your LED shoes in water to prevent this from happening.


As you move or shake your feet, the wires in the shoe have the right to disconnect. This happens as soon as you kick something or stub her foot versus a tough object. The wires may additionally break together you put your shoes on and off.


Excessive charging of the battery damages it. To avoid this happening sooner, usage the LED shoes sparingly. You deserve to spare lock for only special occasions where you want to do a showy appearance. Also, do not leaving them ~ above the charger for also long.

How to deal with Your LED shoes

Some that the plot you have the right to take to gain back the functionality of her LED shoes include:

Replacing the Battery

This should be the very first thing you examine whenever you notification the LED lights space not functioning. Research the shoes to check out if the battery compartment is accessible. Part batteries have the right to be accessed indigenous the bottom and also some native the one side on the heel.

Use a pond file, screwdriver, or knife to open up the battery casing, and also find out the form of battery her shoes require. You might be surprised to uncover you have the precise batteries lie somewhere around the house. If the batteries space unique, to buy them, replace and cover them increase again.

Reconnecting LED Wires

If after instead of the battery the pair of shoes still nothing light up, it can be that some wires space disconnected. Inspection the internal wiring come detect where there is a broken connection.

You may need to check the link linking the LED strip and the battery. The wires linking the charger come the battery may additionally be loose.

Sometimes, the wires deserve to be accessed ~ removing the manufacturing facility insole of her shoes. Certain the wires are in your rightful position and also that they are not broken. Once you fix the wires, test the shoe prior to replacing the insole.

Boosting the Connection

Sometimes the wires and batteries may be in perfect condition, however the LED lights will certainly not light up. The problem can be traced come a weak connection. In part cases, you may discover out the the battery is not touching the terminal.

Begin by pushing down the battery to check out if you have the right to bridge the gap in between the terminal and the battery. If this quiet does not bring results, fill the gap between them v foam, fabric, cardboard, or a piece of stick.

You may want to think about using adhesive or epoxy to fix the battery in a means that it touch the terminal properly. Mental that utilizing glue or epoxy will certainly stick the battery in that position permanently. The next time you want to change it, you will have actually a hard time dislodging it. Usage this together the last option.

If you space unable to resolve the shoe by yourself or you space afraid the causing much more damages to the shoe, load it up and have it confirm at your neighborhood shoe store.

Your shoe keep attendant may detect some various other damages and aid you to settle them. They may also advise you on what to perform to keep the LED lighting practical on her treasured LED shoes.


LED shoes have actually been approximately since the 90’s as soon as they to be a favorite v kids. Today, castle are now trendier and also safer due to the fact that they no longer contain harmful chemicals choose mercury. They also have ultra-modern functions like USB ports the you have the right to use for charging them.

Excessive heat, moisture, and also hard influence make the lamp in LED shoe malfunction. Overusing your LED shoes renders them depreciate faster.

To settle your LED shoes, examine the battery and replace it if it is damaged. Part shoes use continual batteries used on various other electronics, however some have special batteries available only in shoe stores.

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You should likewise check the the wiring top top the shoes is no broken and that the wires space in position. Ensure over there is no gap in between the battery and also the terminal. You deserve to fix the shoes yourself or take them to a shoe store for the attendant to inspect and fix them.