First the all, you have to distinguish between bobber fishing (onto land with Colin"s fishing rod) and lure fishing (in a canoe in ~ the Fishing Hole).

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Bobber fishing (no boat, through Colin"s fishing rod)

This can be excellent wherever and also whenever you desire in Hyrule. You just need a fishing rod and also some baits, if possible. After capturing a fish, it"s released right into the water in exchange for a tiny heart. Come bobber fish, entrust the fishing rod come the "B" button thanks come the menu of the "-" button. After that, place link on a body of water"s edge. Press "B" when to make connect grab the fishing rod. In ~ this moment, if you have a bottle of larvae or worms, entrust them to the left, right, or under keys, and also press the respective vital so that connect puts the larva or worm on the hook. Then push "B" one last time to do a back and forth motion with the arm prefer an really throw.

What friend can record with bobber fishing

You can record 6 species of fish in her fish journal, and the number of fish and also their maximum size caught. Right here is the list of the 6 fishes:

- Greegills: deserve to be found almost everywhere, quite little and green, castle are straightforward to identify from the others- Reekfish: deserve to be uncovered at the bottom of Zora"s waterfall ~ above the western shore, in between the two peaks that obtain out the the water. Lock are big and red, you require the Coral Earring that Prince Ralis offered you (see the walkthrough)- Ordon Catfish: deserve to be found almost everywhere, in certain in the tiny pond behind the wood bridge west that the Fishing Hole, or north-east the Ordon Village, where the monkey was v the cradle- Hylian Pikes: castle are additionally quite widespread, particularly in the center of Lake Hylia.- Hyrule Basses: castle are likewise quite widespread, particularly in the Fishing Hole"s pond.- Young Hylian Loaches: They are quite little (about 12 inches) and also can be discovered in the caves that Lanayru spirit or in the pond behind the Kakariko graveyard because that example, but likewise in the room of the Big key in Lakebed Temple. (It is the younger version of the legend fish).

Moreover, at the Fishing Hole, you can also find:

- A wheel- A twig- A boot- An empty can- Bags of rupees- The sinking entice (see suggest 9)- A bottle (in the small western pond close up door by a little bridge, there"s just one bottle)

And outside Hena"s Fishing Hole:

- Skullfish (in Lakebed Temple, however is no registered in the fish journal)- Bombfish (in Lakebed Temple, however is not registered in the fish journal)- A wheel- A twig - An empty can- A bag of rupees- A boot

Where is the Fishing hole located?

You"ve acquired to walk to Lanayru Province, specifically near Upper Zora"s River. As soon as there, walk along the western wall after the hut wherein you have the right to rent a boat. The door is situated in the wall surface soon after the authorize "welcome come Hena"s Fishing Hole".

NB: every time girlfriend leave and also enter the Fishing Hole, the season changes. Over there are four seasons the are an ext or less useful to do certain things.

Lure fishing (by boat at the Fishing Hole)

To attract fish, you need to go into Hena"s cabin in ~ the Fishing Hole and talk to her. She will offer you two choices. The very first one costs 20 rupees but you"ll have to go through yourself. The 2nd one prices 100 rupees, and she"ll come with you.

To fish, you need to relocate the canoe to the preferred location with the nunchuck"s joystick. Press "B" come make attach grab the fishing rod. V the joystick girlfriend can pick to straight your throw to the right or left. Push "A" and also raise the wiimote. Climate while performing a throw gesture, release "A". When the attract is in the water, it"s possible for friend to wave it by shower the wiimote to lure the fish. When it bites, raise your wiimote to strike and also start to reel. If the fish jumps out of the water, strain down the wiimote in order to save the fish hooked while maintaining reeling. Together the fish paint, etc closer come the boat, push "A" and also "B" together once a message appears at the bottom the the screen to gain the fish right into the canoe.

Throughout the day, the water becomes an ext and much more cloudy. Sometimes, at the finish of the day, that rains and also it becomes practically impossible to check out underwater and also catch a fish. That"s why that is far better to fish early on in the morning.

What girlfriend can capture with tempt fishing

It is possible to fish 4 kinds of fish, but they can"t be registered in the journal. The larger ones caught are placed in Hena"s aquarium. Friend can also catch a piece of Heart.

For the fish, walk along the pond and also look for them... If you always catch the exact same fish, shot to adjust the season by leaving the area and also entering again. Fish prefer oxygenated water, so try to fish close to waterfalls, because that example.

The piece of heart is located to the best of the small isle. Come nearer and also catch the by attract fishing.

List that baits and lures

Baits are helpful for bobber fishing. Fish are more attracted by the hook, while lures are helpful for lure fishing, every one in ~ a certain point.

The baits- punishment larvae- Worms

The lures- Swimmer attract (available indigenous the start): nothing special- Spinner entice (available indigenous the start): attracts nervous fish, because of the splashing sound as soon as it moves- Popper lure (available native the start): attractive deep-water populated fish- Sinking entice (see below): the can be fried lure, allows you to capture fish really quickly- Frog entice (see below): recommended for Hyrule Loaches

Where to uncover bee larvae

You have to shoot a beehive through your Slingshot or Clawshot, and fill a bottle with the wastes that the hive. You deserve to put 10 larvae in a bottle. Number of beehives have the right to be uncovered in Hyrule, for instance:- in ~ Ordon Village, on the tree behind the home located opposite Sera"s Sundries- in ~ Hena"s Fishing Hole, ~ above the east side the Hena"s cabin (watch the end for bees)- In Kakariko Graveyard, just before the path resulting in the king"s tomb

Note: girlfriend can also eat larvae: a larva regenerates a quarter of a heart.

Where to uncover worms

At the Fishing Hole, you have to turn into a wolf and dig behind the signs, then turn ago into a human and also fill a party (one worm per bottle). The an initial sign is located at the entrance next to Hena"s cabin, and the second one is just before the western bridge. There is one more worm at the foot of the second tree come the appropriate of Hena"s cabin, in a tuft the grass in the hollow of the tree.

You can also get some by highlight the small fast enemies in Lanayru or Faron fields, by digging in the vegetable gardens (as a wolf) at Ordon Village, and by digging the holes on the roof the Barnes" shop at Kakariko town (ask the Goron surrounding to climb).

How to gain the sinking lure

First, to acquire the sinking lure, you have to put three different species of fish in the aquarium, and Prince Ralis" earring. When done, walk to the far eastern on the map. Have actually the wall surface to her right, and use Colin"s fishing rod. Here you are... The sinking tempt is yours.

How to get the frog lure

You have actually to complete the very first eight level of the Rollgoal game, situated in Hena"s cabin. Rollgoal is a video game that expenses 5 rupees and which requires rolling a sphere over a monitor by steering it v the Wiimote.

See the page dedicated to the Rollgoal game

How to capture the legend fish (Hylian loach)

First that all, it"s much better to very own the sinking lure. After ~ that, go to the Fishing hole in the summertime (summertime only! once the leaves room green). Rental a boat without Hena (otherwise she will seize the sinking lure) and go to the north part of the pond where there space water lilies. Litter the lure in the middle of them and you"ll end up capturing the legend fish.

However, the Hylian loach can likewise by captured in the critical chest"s room in Lakebed Temple. You can additionally find it at the spring of Lake Hylia, and also sometimes in Kakariko in former of the Zora"s tombstone (where you found the Zora armor).


If you to fill Hena"s aquarium v a fish of every species, you"ll be provided a picture of you catching the legendary fish to the appropriate of the cabin"s counter. Hena congratulates you and also tells you that she would certainly never have imagined that her dream would end up being true that early, climate she whispers the the photograph is a fake...

If you complete all the Rollgoal"s levels, friend will have the ability to play again for cost-free and to choose the level. Hena will certainly stock you up on rupees.


Roll four times within Hena"s cabin to it is in thrown out. You"ll have to apologize come be permitted to get in again.

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Help picture


The yellow cursor mirrors the location and direction to catch the sinking lure.

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