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Ok. Exactly how do i deactivate this friggin traction control?!?!?!!?

I also think it"s what is killing my gas mileage and somewhat fouling my plugs. Through it pulling the timing and cutting the spark for this reason often, it have to be leaving lot of of raw, unburnt fuel going with the cylinders...So... Any type of ideas?
But thanks for the suggestion.
I don"t desire to routine it out, because it yes, really helps the end the car in the eye up right here in new England. So I would still use it in the winter time... However in the rain, the SUCKS!!!! possibly it"ll be much better with my posi, together Bill Sadler has actually said. But that ONE WHEEL tries to spin like a sonuva bitch in the wet. So i sit there half pulled into traffic through a car the refuses come move.... Grrrr..... I also want to be able to spin my tire(s) at will, if i feel so inclined, without having to arrangement it ahead of time!

It"s the white fluffy ingredient you wish you had outside on Christmas and then expect you don"t view again until following Christmas.Kevin
It is "possible" back I have actually never excellent it. Friend "should" have the ability to cut off the spark retard signal and also the accelerator relaxer signal and also thus defeat the system. It would certainly be a fun project but I"m content to just cycle the switch in the glovebox.Kevin
in reality relocating mine TC disable move to the console. This was a necessity because the console covers increase the much left end of the glovebox area.So, there will be a panel just under the nav display screen that will have actually the disable button, the trunk relax button, and the external A/V hookups for the display to go to laptop, playstation, etc....and I know what girlfriend mean about that switch gift in the wrong place. My critical time out to the drags, i forgot around the switch and attempted a burnout through TCS enabled. No a good feeling when all of the power simply faded far in front of a group of thousands... OK, perhaps hundreds
Stupid Dan concern time once again...Is there part visual sign telling girlfriend it"s off? Like, does a dummy light come on? i hit the off button and nothing intuitive happend. No sounds or lights. Perform I need to powerbrake to know it"s off?
If girlfriend disable the TC, it turns on a idiot irradiate (lower left details panel). It"s amber and also I think it states "Traction Disabled" or miscellaneous to the effect. Ns feel stupid that ns can"t remember the precise wording because I have actually the damn thing on every time I"m in the car!Kevin
Amber light. Reads= TRACTIONCONTROLWhen the mechanism is on and the tires break loose a blue irradiate in the peak left starts come blink untill traction resumes.It reads= TRACTIONENGAGED

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Dan,One various other thing about the move is the on a 94, friend must hold the switch in the off position for around 5 seconds to deactivate it and turn top top the light.Good Luck!