All as well often, smartphones can make you feeling dumb. Even the many cool-headed amongst us have felt the perfectly understandable advice to wreak utter devastation upon that pocket-sized machine that provides us feel so clumsy and stupid. But in many cases, a phone’s death is deemed “accidental.” here are ten easy methods to damage a smartphone, and how to avoid those costly, inconvenient mishaps…

Don't try This in ~ Home

Breaking mobile phones seems to be a well-known pastime, even if that is accidental in most cases. Follow to industry estimates, Americans invest over $4 billion annually on repair and replacement of broken phones. Well-known YouTube celebrities attract millions the viewers by creatively ruining brand-new phones - normally iPhones, for part reason. Inspect out these videos if you've ever before wondered what happens once you drop an iPhone into a flow of red-hot lava, or attack it through a 4.5mm airgun.

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No volcanos handy? You can hop a aircraft to Hawaii, but there are simpler ways come fold, spindle or mutilate your expensive smartphone. Here are ten tongue-in-cheek suggestions for breaking your phone, every one of which you'll want to avoid.

#1 - Drop her phone on a hard surface. Manufacturers love to brag that phones have the right to survive falls of up to ten feet onto a concrete floor. What castle don’t point out is how precisely those phones are oriented prior to they’re dropped, to protect against landing on your most vulnerable points. In real life, a phone that lands on its glass face is really likely to shatter its display, resulting in a repair invoice of $200 or more. Soft silicone cases not only cushion falls, they provide a non-slip fixed that makes dropping a phone much less likely.

I use and recommend Spigen phone call Cases because they to the right perfectly, look at good, and are really reasonably priced, native $12 come $16. For extra protection, I add a Supershieldz screen protector to prevent scratching and nicks.


#2 - obtain your phone wet. In a Geekly update segment, I pointed out the seafarer who reduce his iphone X right into the ocean, and also it was still working after being submerged for 6 days. Chances are girlfriend won't it is in so lucky - girlfriend don’t require a huge body of liquid to short-circuit the electronics in her phone. Simply leave that on a countertop in ~ a bar, cafe, or restaurant and eventually something will spill and seep right into the phone. In ~ the beach or swim pool, collection the phone under close come the water so you deserve to hear her favorite tunes clearly. Or take it for a chlorinated swim, choose I did. One more favorite way to undo a phone is come let that slip out of your back pocket right into a toilet.

If your phone does obtain dunked, don’t an outbreak the white rice! watch my article Oops, i dropped my Phone AGAIN for tips on how to rescue a wet phone.

Speaking that the back pocket, that leads united state to our 3rd most popular means to break a phone.

#3 - Sit ~ above it. Bending iPhones or Android phones can cause them to cease functioning and also even shatter. This astounding discovery took the tech human being by surprise with the release of the iphone 6 to add in 2014, generating dozens of check videos and heated debates about whether or no a phone should break when a 200-pound-plus person sits top top it. Fine yes, it should, due to the fact that it isn’t a paperback book, wallet, or a two-by-four. The more recent iPhone 11/12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 models seem come fare much far better in bending testing, however why take that risk? If you have a low-end, much less expensive model, it most likely won’t have the tough building of this flagship phones.

Another caution about putting your phone in your pocket has actually nothing to do with physics. Ns was called by a Verizon store owner the phones are most quickly stolen when stored in the back pocket. In a crowd, a expert thief have the right to relieve friend of her phone long prior to you notification that it went missing.

#4 - chef it or frozen it. Phones and other electronic devices don’t like extreme heat; view my article, carry out You understand Your Computer’s Worst Enemy?. Once overheated for lengthy periods, ram will begin dropping bits, disk drives will develop poor sectors, transistors and also resistors will certainly burn out, and the phone will “just avoid working.” and also by “cooking” i don’t mean putting your precious in the microwave. Most phones room rated to stand up to 113 levels Fahrenheit, a temperature conveniently exceeded on a car’s dashboard on a clear day. Also leaving a phone on a home window sill in an air-conditioned room can lead to overheating as result of the phone’s absorb of radiant energy. Freezing a phone to fatality is a bit harder; most are rated under to -4 F.

Both Apple and Samsung recommend maintaining your phone in between 32 to 95 degrees F throughout usage. Apple alerts that lower or greater temperatures "might reason the machine to change its behavior" and also might temporarily or permanently shorten battery life.

#5 - leave it top top always. If you don’t sleep, you acquire confused, sluggish down, and eventually prevent working; the same goes for your phone. Constant background to work muddy memory, wear the end hardware, and also lead to early failure. Turn the phone turn off at night (you’ll sleep better!) or at the very least reboot it as soon as a week.

Should friend buy "device insurance" or a "protection plan" from your mobile call carrier? my advice is no. See my write-up SCAM ALERT: Mobile device Insurance and Extended Warranties to find out why, and a much cheaper alternative.

#6 - throw it full of stuff. Photos, videos, messages, contacts, and apps take up storage space. The an ext crowded storage becomes, the more tough the phone needs to work to store things organized and retrieve what’s needed at a provided moment. I've also found that having a boatload of saved text messages can really slow or also freeze my phone. If 90% or an ext of your storage is full, the time to clean house. Relocate files and photos come offline or cloud storage, uninstall unused apps, and delete old message messages.

#7 - Don’t upgrade anything. A phone that’s to run an outdated operating system or apps is operating inefficiently, even dangerously. Updates and patches enhance performance (if they’re excellent right) by eliminating bugs and also fine-tuning operating processes. Keeping your phone’s software and apps up to day will make it less likely to crash, and much more secure as well.

#8 - download sketchy apps. nearly all mobile malware sneaks in as a result of using third-party application stores. If girlfriend jailbreak your iPhone, or change the settings on her Android phone call to allow installation the apps indigenous unknown sources, you're open up to a people of hurt. Always use the main iPhone or Google Play application store for your phone, and even then, install just trusted apps v lots of great reviews.

#9 - use the cheapest charger you can find. A two-buck no-name charger indigenous China is not simply as good as a $20-$30 OEM charger. Dirt-cheap chargers regularly omit feedback circuitry that prevents overcharging the a phone’s battery, and that is just how smartphones burn under houses. I recently bought a cheap wireless charger because that my Samsung Galaxy, and set it under to charge overnight. The next morning, the phone to be super-hot, and had charged just 20 percent. Cheaper is not far better when it concerns connecting phones to various other devices, either. I described some of the flaws and telltale indications of a dangerously cheap USB-C cable in my article, Don't purchase the not correct USB-C Cable.

Speaking the wireless chargers, I extremely recommend castle if her phone has wireless charging capability. I’ve had several phones with damaged charging ports, i beg your pardon can an outcome from inserting the charging cable over and also over.

#10 - never clean the phone.

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Dust, crumbs, and gunk will certainly get between the phone and that silicone case, and also into the ports on the phone. If you overlook this ick, the will at some point clog electrical contact points and also your phone call will avoid working. Eliminate the case and also wipe it clean with a soft cloth and water (not alcohol or soap) every now and then, and also especially after ~ a camping trip or other time spent in the great, filthy outdoors. Clean ports as gently and also carefully as you would clean your ears; a soft-bristle toothbrush brushed up lightly end the outer rim of a port is regularly enough.

Have you tried any kind of of these handy tips for ruining your cell phone phone? exactly how did lock work? her thoughts top top this topic are welcome. Write-up your comment or concern below…