At some suggest our outfits no longer feel fresh and we outgrow our favourite getups. Presaving outfits because that future usage is a an excellent feature, but so is the capacity to delete outfits. Top top Roblox, you have the right to do both.

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How to Delete Outfits in Roblox Mobile

To delete outfits in Roblox mobile, you need to use a web internet browser on her iOS or Android device. You cannot delete outfits in the mobile Roblox app, so plan to usage Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or her web browser of selection to make this work.


Once top top a net browser, deleting outfits is no various than doing therefore on a computer. Monitor the process below come delete Roblox outfits on your mobile device.

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Request desktop Version: On Google Chrome, press the ... Switch in the bottom-right corner and scroll under the food selection until you watch Request desktop Site. ~ above Safari, push aA button on the top-left corner and also press Request desktop computer Website.

Login to Roblox: Using your Roblox user credentials, login v your username and also password.

Go to Avatar Editor: To reach the Avatar Editor, click the Menu switch (3-line button) in the top-left edge of Roblox. Climate click Avatar from the choices presented.

Go to mine Costumes: On the Avatar Editor, scroll right until you view the Costumes tab. Press this button and then press My Costumes from the drop-down menu.

Delete your Outfits: To delete one outfit in Roblox mobile, push the Settings switch (Gear Cog) beside your Outfit. Click on Delete and then press Delete again to check your decision. Girlfriend must have pre-saved Outfits in order come delete one outfit on Roblox.

And that"s every there is to it. Before deleting anything, you should be confident the you no much longer want the Outfit anymore, otherwise you must produce it almost everywhere again.

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