I have actually some document that I need to cut down come size but do no have any type of scissors (not that ns am very an excellent at cut in straight lines v scissors anyway...).

I to be wondering if anyone had any an excellent methods of cut / ripping file that would leave it through straight and smooth edges?

Obviously I have actually tried the an easy fold and also rip method, but it always starts to veer turn off track as shortly as it gets to the important part of the document in question Any new methods or more advanced techniques that civilization know?

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The fold-and-rip an approach works or doesn"t work based on the type of file you room working with. File that is do on roll (most office paper, newsprint, file towel, etc) has actually a "grain". The pulp fibers all align in a details direction (typically through office paper, the lengthy direction).

It"s rather easy to fold-and-tear this type of paper along this axis. It"s rather daunting along the other axis.

Some means to make this easier:

Do a double fold (fold one way, then the other, to shot and break the fibers along the fold)Once folded, uncover a solid right edge come lay on one next of the fold, and also then tear the various other side in one upward activity along the straight edgePrior come tearing, moisten the fold to aid loosen the fibers.

At the end of the day, though, you"ll still find that girlfriend can"t perform this properly 100% of the time. The paper"s grain just makes that difficult.

The other way to make document is via matts/screens. In this scenario, over there is no grain together the pulp yarn align themselves all in arbitrarily directions. Record made on matts has tendency to it is in artist"s papers such as watercolor paper, thick noodle rag, printmaking paper, etc.

These papers are actually very easy come tear along a directly line with just a right edge. No need for wrinkles at all.

Other means to cut document if you have actually a an excellent straight edge to use:

run a knife follow me the right edgerun a "roller cutter" follow me the directly edge (typically used to cut fabric)open up your scissors and also use one side together a knife blade along the right edge.