Black Ops 3 introduce the ability to share, rate and also download tradition paint jobs with other players.

One the the many anticipated features of the Black Ops 3 multiplayer experience has to be the ability to view, rate and also even download the emblems, different camo and paint jobs from various other players. Since the game dropped critical Friday there"s to be a lot of confusion among players passionate to acquire on sharing repaint jobs, together the system doesn"t it seems to be ~ to it is in working appropriately yet.

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This man arises both native a glitch in the recently released game and because of differences between the various console versions. Back this wasn"t clean at the beginning, you actually cannot download tradition camo from other players on the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions – this attribute is only obtainable for existing gen and also PC gamers.

User created content is only obtainable if friend specifically pick to publish it for public consumption, for this reason if friend can"t grab an awesome emblem you"ve seen used in multiplayer, that might be the cause.

If you"ve acquired a repaint job you desire to share, fight the start Start button in the main menu and also choose the paint Shop choice underneath the “Identity” tab.

Access your emblem or paint job and then pick “Publish” to do it easily accessible for various other players to rate and also (hopefully when the concern is lastly resolved) download for their own use.

Publishing a repaint job

To rate or download various paint jobs from an additional player, choose that player"s tags in your matchmaking lobby and also choose Showcase.

Player Showcase

Select either paint Jobs, Emblems or Variants to watch that player"s custom work. Unfortunately, there"s to be a glitch over the weekend where many people"s tradition paint work aren"t arriving at all – even after castle are correctly published.

If the camo or emblem is available, choose the published paint job friend want and hit triangle top top PS4 or Y ~ above the Xbox One and from over there you have the right to rate or download. The difficulty is that numerous players castle are only seeing the “like” option and also not the download option, so downloading camo isn"t functioning for many players right now. For others it"s working as soon as it isn"t supposed to, downloading unexpectedly ~ rating the custom paint job.

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Be sure to let us understand if you"re maybe to get the download system to work properly. Hopefully, this concern will be fixed for everyone shortly as new updates space pushed complying with the game"s otherwise successful launch. Although it seems choose it will certainly be resolved as the game is patched, in the worst situation scenario, it"s unfortunately feasible the download option may be culled completely (as freely downloading and install custom visuals appears a little too an excellent to it is in true top top a video game as large as this one). We"ll keep you to update on that condition of the worry as changes are made and also info comes out from Treyarch and Activision.