MoNika asked us how to chef turkey tail. Here is the exact comment she sent to us... "My husband brought home packages that turkey tails. Now I"m a southern girl and also will chef just around anything (as long as I"ve heard around it). I have never heard that turkey tail gift separated indigenous the really turkey itself and also sold. Exactly how do you cook it and also what room some said sides?"MoNika, here is a turkey tails recipe for you to shot out.

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Turkey Tail row Fry

By: Anonymous Ingredients:
4-5 turkey tails2 tool sized carrots, thinly sliced2-3 stalks the celery, cut into 1/4 customs slices3/4 c. The sliced mushrooms (button or abalone)3/4 cup the thinly sliced wood ears1 tablespoon of carefully minced garlic1 tablespoon of finely minced ginger1 onion, thinly sliced1 tablespoon of carefully minced parsley2 tablespoons that oyster sauce1 tablespoon the tapioca or corn starch1-1/2 cup of brothsalt and also pepper come tastesugar to taste3 tablespoons of food preparation oilsesame seeds oilCooking procedure:Simmer the turkey tails for about an hour. Drain and also cool. Reduced the meat right into 1/2 inch slices. Place on an oven rack around an inch apart and also season v salt and paper. Ar a container underneath to catch the fat. Grill in the cooktop until well-browned. If necessary, turn over to brown the other side.While the turkey tails brown, prepare the row fry.Heat the food preparation oil in a wok. Saute the garlic and ginger until fragrant. Add the sliced onion, carrot, celery and also mushrooms. Stir fried food for a couple of minutes. Season through salt, pepper and a little sugar. Disperse the starch in the broth. Row in the oyster sauce and about half a teaspoon of sesame seeds oil.Drain the turkey tail slices on number of layers that absorbent kitchen paper. Add to the cook vegetables. Toss a couple of times. Offer at once. 
Raw Turkey TailsRaw Turkey Tails - prepared to Cook
Turkey Tails and Shells (By: Anonymous) Turkey tailsMacaroniChopped collard greensBake turkey tails v onion. Season come taste. Add macaroni shells. Once macaroni is virtually done, include chopped collard greens or any kind of other greens. Include hot water as needed. Roasted at 350 levels in covered roaster pan or pan extended with foil until done.Roasted Turkey Tails (By: Texcangal) - You know I found a parcel of turkey tails - what we supplied to speak to the "pope"s nose" earlier home. That was always my favorite part of the turkey so i picked the up.Simply i seasoned them with salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and a tiny thyme and roasted castle on a rack in the oven at 350 for around an hour. They turn out golden brown and crispy and also tasted prefer they to be attached to the whole bird. Turkey Sashimi (By: Anonymous) - Dip tails in boiling water for 5-6 seconds and immediately carry to ice cream water bath. Separate meat from tail bone. Thin slice Julianne style and also transfer to soy sauce laced v ginger, minced garlic, a splash that rice vinegar, and also toasted sesame. How to chef Turkey Tail (By: SASSY) - I am a southern lady, i love turkey tails. I bake them. As soon as I chef collard greens I use the smoke turkey tails because that my seasoning.Why ns love cooking with turkey tails (By: Anonymous) - I learned how to cook turkey tail in ~ a young age. I use Turkey tails in my greens. Ns love the flavor. Turkey tails are much more tasty than pork meat and they are much better for you, even with the fat. Throughout the holidays the stories run out that turkey tails really fast.Marinate it (By: Anonymous) - Start by making deep cuts right into the thickest component of the tail (on either next of the tip). Next boil, then simmer the tails in a pot of salted water until the tails space tender. Drain and cool. Marinate overnight in your favorite sauce or dressing (italian, char siu, teriyaki, etc.) then grill or bake to reheat. Greens and also smoked turkey tails (By: Anonymous) - The only way for me to do greens is with smoked turkey tails. Cook pot the water through chopped onions and garlic salt (or season of choice). Clean tails and place in pot, boil for one hour or so, then include clean and chopped greens of choice. Chef for another hour. Enjoy! Can"t do whatever with turkey tails (By: Anonymous) - I absolutely really really favor these things! Turkey tails have come to be one of my favourite seasoning meats or simply to eat alone. I also like castle in red beans and rice and also gumbo! Delicious! I like my turkey tails genuine tender so I placed them in the pressure cooker after i season v garlic cloves, small salt, pepper and also chicken bouillon cube. I cook for about 40 minute on tool high heat with 1/4 pot or little an ext water. I also like turkey tails with my greens. But I wouldn"t want to gourmet these points in no way, that would take away the flavor of them. These room not expected to be gourmet in my opinion yet to every it"s reminds me of civilization who prefer to dress a hotdog up favor a hamburger to eat! Tomatoes, lettuce and pickles on a hotdog?! No way! but again, to every it"s own.Smoked Turkey Tails (By: SLUGGO) - We bought 5 pounds of fresh turkey tails and are curious exactly how to exhilaration them. Carry out you brine them and also smoke in a water smoker? Baked turkey tail (By: Linda) - Baked turkey tails has been my favourite meat. If cook the appropriate way, they space so tender and also tasty. It"s income that girlfriend learn just how to chef turkey tail. I cook them this way: cut turkey tails in half and place them in a foiled baking pan. In a bowl, mix brown sugar, (or white sugar), oyster sauce, continual soy sauce and also pepper. Pour them top top the turkey tails and also marinate because that 30 minutes. Bake them at 350 degrees for an hour and also half. Revolve them over fifty percent way. As soon as tender, boost the temperature to 400 degrees for a few more minutes till each side transforms brown. They have a portion of water in them so oil and water will certainly accumulate in the pan. Just Remove them native the oil. Enjoy!Wonderful turkey tails recipe (By: Jay Didit) - I love castle a lot. All I do is boil them with seasoning salt, black color pepper, a little crush red peppers, and onions for around an hour and also forty five minutes. Ideal to me through some an excellent buttered rice. Roasted Turkey Tail (By: Anonymous) - Just about my favorite part of the bird! i rinse them off, dry, placed on baking pan. Sprinkle v salt, pepper, and also olive oil. Roast in ~ 350 for about an hour. Talk about crispy ski and also tender meat. You can save the pan dripping and also make gravy--to use or to save for Thanksgiving. Turkey tails where are you? (By: Tolie) - Does anyone recognize where ns can discover turkey tails in Texas? I"m indigenous the west coast, and also so far I have actually not been able to find them in the sectors that i frequent. As part have currently said, turkey tails are an excellent just consumed alone (smoked space the best for this) or in beans and also greens. Anything the you would typically season through pork meat, you have the right to substitute and use the turkey tails. Castle are good boiled or baked. I generally buy the acting turkey tails to chef with, yet regular turkey tails are an excellent after salting them under for about 5 work (drain turn off the water each day). Thanks to all the details here, I now know exactly how to chef turkey tail.Turkey tail is for this reason good (By: Anonymous) - I chef greens and also green beans v them, cook around an hour through onions and seasonings that choice, put sufficient water to cover the tails if boiling, then add greens, r green beans..sooooo delicious...enjoy Smoked Turkey Tails (By: Anonymous) - I favor Smoked Turkey Tails. Since it"s the last component that went over the fence! various other then that. Castle are good cooked with Collar Greens in a push Cooker.Roasted Tails (By: Anonymous) - Sprinkle tails through favorite poultry seasoning. Roast because that 1 hour at 350F on screen -- tails will certainly release a most fat. Serve through seasoned wild rice mixture and also asparagus. Slow cooker turkey tails are delicious (By: Condo Cook) - I love these turkey tails... They space absolutely yummy. Since they had lots the fat and water in themI seasoned the turkey tails with salt, pepper, liquid smoke, and also a dash of hot sauce. The broiled them until they were crispy transforming once. Then I placed them right into the sluggish cooker on low til they loss apart. How long? At least 2 hrs til tender. Friend can include a class of warm sauce goodness come the mix. Enjoy!How to chef Turkey tails (By: Anonymous) - with collard greens and also 1/2 head the cabbage is just great.... I also like them through beans... In both instances I just can"t get enough.I"m the press cooker (By: Kisha Davis) - Hi there I"m indigenous dirty Jersey and just a number of speech you destruction anyway just saying my turkey tails taste therefore dam an excellent it provides you want to slap yo Mama and also I l it is in dam if ns let everyone slap mines simply saying a Lil pepper and also a small peace of butter a dab that Basil or oregano pipeline me I cook it ~ above high because that one hour and also then after the water Boil"s under I put more two times cause we don"t need all the grease feel mea climate I revolve it ~ above low placed the lid top top it half hour i throw in the infant Lima bean let every them juice"s merreñate down boil the Rice no salt in my water nothing in it yet Rice clean water drain after ten minutes and also then you deserve to taste it and see why ns am surname the press cooker queen God bless friend all and Happy brand-new year. Coming straight from Jersey yaheard mea.. Peace love and respect to all.I save it simple (By: Anonymous) - I keep it simple.Turkey tails simmered in onions, favorite BBQ sauce and fresh garlic through a toss the curry powered. 425 degrees 45 minutes and also broil 5-10 for crispness.Delicious ! Turkey tails room GREAT!! (By: Anonymous) - I am 70, to be eating turkey tails for 50 years. I part them next to the bone top top both political parties to open them up. Pressure chef for 15 minutes. Lay out on a cookie sheet and also brown them until crisp. Last 10 minutes include BBQ, Sweet and sour, what ever sauce you like. Dipping sauce is good also. The tails room LOADED through fat, boiling removes a many fat but keeps the flavor. I buy smoked tails once I can uncover them, they are the best. I have the right to remember steering 50 miles ago in 1970 come buy them, they were not too popular. The ideal place come buy lock is in a keep that has a most southern format meats etc. The southerly folks recognize what tastes an excellent that"s because that sure. 

Where to Buy Turkey Tails

Where to buy turkey tails (By: Patty B.) - I just dubbed one butcher shop and also 2 meat rooms and cannot get turkey tails....could you tell me whereby you uncovered them....thanks..

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Turkey Tails my favorite of the bird too! (By: vivid) - Kroger sell turkey tails..just bought part TONIGHT 2.41 lbs because that $3.61. I was reasoning of cooking them as an ingredient because that a homemade soup. However I favored the baked recipe much better than mine. Turkey tail because that sale (By: TTB) - They have turkey tails in ~ my neighborhood store called Lowes. They have actually them on sale .98 cent a lbs. I never also knew how to cook this type of meat. Question (By: Anonymous) - Sassy which Kroger walk you discover Turkey Tails. When I come residence (Memphis) I shot to buy several packages come take ago with me as we deserve to not purchase them. I usually find them in ~ Schnucks or easy Way. They also are great in cooking fresh and dried beans.Lee lee (By: Anonymous) - If girlfriend live in phibìc Texas go to fiesta grocery keep they lug a range of different cuts of meat from wild game to consistent meats also seafood!! hope it helps Where to buy in Dallas area (By: Anonymous) - You can additionally find them in ~ Krogers. If they are not out, look in the freezer section. They do not usually keep castle out v the thawed meat. I have actually purchased lock in Dallas (mockingbird and 75) and also in Carrollton/Dallas area on Frankford and also Midway (purchased yesterday to chef today). YUM!!!Love those tails (By: Tammy) - Look for a distributor. Have a local company here in Nebraska and also they allow me bespeak a situation of 20lbs. Only price me $21.80 and I got it in 4 days.