quit using your Xbox 360 or you need to back-up data? monitor these procedures to connect your Xbox 360 tough drive to a windows PC.

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it is designed because that copying the contents of one HDD come another and it additionally works with a PC. So, connect the Xbox 360 difficult disk instance to the transport cable and also plug the USB cable right into your PC. FATXplorer have to then finding the maker to check out the Xbox 360 files on Windows.

If you don"t desire to use the official transfer cable (or comparable devices) you can try a DIY solution. However, you should remove the hard drive from your Xbox 360 first.

removing the Xbox 360 tough Drive

before connecting the difficult drive come a computer you have to remove the from your Xbox 360. Three models of Xbox 360 to be released:

initial Xbox 360 (2005) Xbox 360 S (2010) Xbox 360 E (2013)

Each needs a different set of steps for remove the hard disk drive

before proceeding, ensure that the Xbox 360 console is close up door down and also the maker disconnected native the mains.

Remove the HDD from an Xbox 360 Original

To remove the HDD indigenous the original model of the Xbox 360, you"re going to require two TORX screwdrivers. Specifically, TORX T-6 and T-10. If friend don"t already own these, they can be easily picked up on Amazon.

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girlfriend should additionally consider to buy an anti-static wrist strap. Learn around the dangers of static electricity to find out more.

top top the initial Xbox 360, the HDD connects to the next (or optimal if girlfriend stand her console upright). It"s housed in a sealed case, design to complement the form of the Xbox 360 in profile.

come proceed, eject the case by pushing the relax button.

If you arrangement to accessibility the HDD with a transport cable, connect this to the influential black plug. To open the drive, turn it over and also remove the Microsoft seal.

Be mindful that this voids all and any warranty the you have left on your Xbox 360"s hard drive. If it division after the procedure, you"ll need to buy a new one.

Don"t problem too lot though, the guarantee on her Xbox 360 console will continue to be intact, nonetheless.

watch for 4 visible screws (one was under the seal)---remove these with the TORX T-6 screwdriver.

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alternatives might have actually multiple slots to handle much more than one drive at a time. Friend could likewise use one empty exterior hard decaying drive case to check out the components of the Xbox 360 HDD.

Install the Xbox 360 HDD Inside your PC

as noted, the Xbox 360 HDD is a straightforward 2.5-inch SATA drive, so attach it like you would any kind of other. Most computer systems open easily, and also you can access the inner by removing just two screws.

Inserting the drive in your computer will need a SATA data cable associated from your computer"s motherboard. That will additionally require a SATA power cable from your computer"s power supply.

for sure the HDD in a complimentary bay with two or more screws if you"re plan to leave it linked long-term.

read or Reuse her Xbox 360 Disk journey on Windows

Accessing the components of your Xbox 360 hard drive is straightforward through a devoted transfer cable. Or you can rely top top SATA adapters, or merely install the decaying in her PC. You"ll also need a tool choose FATXplorer to review the materials on Windows. Alternatively, format the disk and reuse it.

probably the biggest challenge is remove the HDD from her Xbox 360. Fortunately, this gets less complicated with each subsequent version of the console. If you"re moving on indigenous the old Microsoft console, here"s how to play Xbox 360 gamings on her Xbox One.

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