This guide will display you how to attach a game stations 2 and also computer come a LCD monitor, and switch in between the two on the fly. The will likewise cover making use of a ingredient PS2 cable to gain a sharper image contrasted to the constant composite PS2 cable.

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Caution: when using a ingredient cable, game stations 1 games won"t occupational well. If you should play PS1 games on your PS2, you need to stick with the original composite cable and also find a switch box that support it (not covered in this guide).


Your computer system monitor must have a VGA harbor (it can also have DVI, HDMI, and other ports).

Where to Buy

I will have actually links to the products you"ll need throughout the guide. You can purchase them in ~ Amazon if friend don"t have them. Ns recommend reading through the entire guide first, figuring the end what items you need, and then buying in its entirety to protect against paying extra shipping.


Here space some terms used in this overview that you need to be acquainted with:A/V
- Audio and also video.Source - where the video or audio signal originates from. Because that the functions of this guide, the source will be one of two people the game stations 2 or the computer.Input & Output - The signal the a an equipment receives is input, and also the signal the it sends out is output.VGA, DVI, HDMI - Common video connections supplied by computer system monitors.Composite & Component - two different types of A/V cables. The PS2 ships v composite, yet an aftermarket ingredient cable will offer a far better image.

The switch Box

The switch crate is the device that renders it all work. That is additionally often called a converter. It takes A/V signal from the playstation 2 and also computer, and allows you to switch which one goes to the monitor and also sound device on the fly.You"ll need a switch crate that accepts the correct form of input. Because that the finest quality, use a component cable for the PS2 connection and not the original composite one.Recommended products:



Connecting Everything

Connecting the playstation 2 is simple. Just affix the ingredient cable to her Playstation 2 and also switch box. There are five color-coded harbor on the switch box that will enhance the ingredient cable to do it easy.For the computer, it can be a little confusing, so ns have broken it down into video and audio:Video
Here is an image showing the typical computer plugs in instance you are unsure the what girlfriend have.

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VGA - If your monitor connects to the computer system using a VGA cable, begin by disconnecting the screen from the computer. Plug the VGA cable native the computer system to the VGA-IN input on the move box. Climate use one more VGA cable to connect the monitor to the VGA-OUT output on the move box.DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort - If your computer connects to your monitor making use of DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort, leave her computer connected to your monitor. Then use a VGA cable to affix the VGA port on the screen to the VGA-OUT calculation on the move box. You"ll now have two video cables going right into your monitor, and you will need to switch video clip sources straight on the monitor once you desire to switch between PS2 and computer.You might need:


If her speakers connect to your computer system using a single 3.5mm (1/8") audio cable, start by disconnecting your speaker from her computer. Plug the audio cable native the speaker to the Audio calculation on the switch box. Then use a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable to attach the computer to the Audio entry on the move box.You may need:

Digital & Surround Sound
If your speaker system connects come your computer system with a digital coax/optical cable, or you have actually 3 analog 3.5mm cables (for surround sound), points will acquire a little much more complicated. If her sound system has actually multiple entry sources, you have the right to use both digital and analog, and use the sound device controls come switch between them.For example: I have a 5.1 Logitech speak system, which has actually both direct analog inputs as well as digital coax and optical inputs. I connect the 3 analog cables native the speaker controller to mine computer, and also a digital optical cable indigenous the controller to my PS2. To play the PS2 I push the resource button on the controller to adjust the resource from analog direct (computer) come digital optical (PS2).Another alternative is to simply unplug the sound cable from her computer and plug it right into the VGA crate or the PS2. Yet you will have to swap cables every time friend switch.


Here are some advantageous diagrams reflecting how everything hooks up.If her monitor generally uses VGA, you only have to adjust sources top top the switch box to adjust between PS2 and also computer:
If her monitor typically uses DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort, you must adjust the resource used by her monitor and also the switch crate each time you want to change between PS2 and also computer: