This tutorial will certainly teach you just how to readjust the viewing window If friend would like to check out a different part of, or an ext of, her graph.

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How to readjust The window On TI-84 Plus

A typical problem you might run right into is the you graph a line yet the line is out of the window. Or you have the right to see the line, yet you simply want come see much more of it. There room multiple methods to adjust the home window size, we’ll cover castle all but we’ll start with the many simple.

By default the home window size because that the graph is -10 come 10 for the X and also Y axes. There room multiple ways to adjust the window size, we’ll cover castle all however we’ll begin with the most straightforward way.

Using “Zoom”

I will graph the equation Y=(X-9)^2+8 as an example. As soon as you graph this equation without transforming the window size you will obtain the display screen below. This is not an extremely helpful, however luckily we can change the lengths of the X and Y axes to provide us a far better picture.


From the graph press the  key located in the center of the peak row of keys. You will certainly then be at the display shown below. The two things on this list that you want to emphasis on for now are the “Zoom In” and also “Zoom Out” options. In our example we can’t see sufficient of our graph therefore we select the “Zoom Out” option.


Once friend press enter on the “Zoom Out” choice you will certainly arrive earlier at the graph. There should be a cursor at the beginning of the graph. This is the allude that you will be zooming out from. You have the right to move this cursor around to readjust where you want to zoom out from. In our situation we will just leave it in ~ the origin and press  to zoom out. Climate the calculator will re-graph the line and you should have the ability to see an ext of it.


Using “Window”

There is another means to change the home window on the TI-84 to add that offers you much more control. If you press the key, in the optimal row of keys, you will arrive at the display screen below.


From here you can enter the specific lengths the you want the X and also Y axes to be. The first two items on the list (“Xmin” and” Xmax”) space for the X axis. The worths you enter will be the left and right lengths of the X axis.

Below the it states “Xscl” this is for adjusting how commonly there will be mite marks top top the graph. By default this will certainly be set at 1, this means that there will be a tick note for every 1 X worth on the graph. If you space going come be utilizing a window that has an Xmin of -100 and also an Xmax the 100 then you may want to adjust the Xscl to something bigger like 10 so that there aren’t a ton of tick marks. Below, the photo on the left has actually 40 tick marks on each axis, the picture on the right has actually 20 tick marks per axis.


The following three items on the list have actually the exact same functionality except for the Y axis.

The 7th item on the perform (“Xres” is the “resolution” of the line the you will graph. This means basically means how plenty of actual point out the calculator will plot to make the line. If girlfriend graph a line with a short resolution setting (by start a larger number), it will look favor the parabola top top the left below. It will graph super conveniently but likewise be an ext jagged. If friend graph a line v a higher resolution (by entering a lower number), the line will be much more sooth however it will graph slower since the calculator has to calculate much more points.

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Window Defaults

Finally if you desire to conveniently reset the home window size, over there is a means to do that too. If you push the  key again girlfriend will notification that there room a number of presets listed below the “zoom” functions. The one the resets the window to default is “Zstandard”. If you want to reset your home window just role to that option and press . Over there are also other presets the you could find useful, favor “Ztrig” i beg your pardon will give you tick marks in incroments that pi/2.


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