Learn exactly how to select a theme, include slides, and also then readjust the look and aspect proportion of your presentation on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or digital at iCloud.com.

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To create a Keynote presentation, an initial choose a theme or develop an outline. Themes save on computer predesigned on slide layouts, i beg your pardon you deserve to use together a beginning point for her presentation.

Tap select a Theme, then tap a theme.To add a slide, tap the add Slide button
at the bottom the the screen, then tap a on slide layout.To add your own text, double-tap placeholder text.To change a placeholder image, tap the replace Media button
on the placeholder image, then choose your very own image.

You can adjust the slide size to fit screens with different facet ratios. Any kind of existing content can be moved to accommodatethe new aspect ratio.

Tap the more button> record Setup.Tap on slide Size, then tap a brand-new size.If you choose Custom, enter the on slide dimensions, climate tap Done.Tap the Previous slide button
or following Slide button
to preview slides in the new size.Tap Done.

To quickly readjust the look at of a slide, friend can use a different slide layout come it. Once you adjust a slide"s layout, any type of content you"ve already included appears in the brand-new layout.

Select one or much more slides.Tap the layout button
, then tap Layout.Swipe to see all of the on slide layouts, then tap one to use it.

You have the right to also readjust thebackgroundof a slide.

To quickly adjust the watch of your entire presentation, you can pick a brand-new theme at any kind of time. If you included content, it"s placed in the slides of the new theme. Any type of customizations you"ve made, like changing the color of text, show up in the brand-new theme.

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Tap the much more button> file Setup.Tap a theme, or swipe left to see an ext themes.Tap Done.