Tired of the exact same stock next marker lenses on your Mercedes-Benz E-Class? Learn just how easy they room to remove and replace here.

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This article uses to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2010-present).

As numerous Mercedes-Benz E-Class owner agree, those typical side markers might sure use a makeover. Over there are numerous different options that deserve to be supplied to change the side marker color on the bumper. Because that those interested, smoked or clean housings can be mounted to far better blend v the shade of the car. Every little thing the choice, this article explains how to remove and replace the next markers of an E-Class.


Step 1 – Prepare the workspace

The next markers are discovered behind the plastic trim ~ above the wheel well. Turn the wheel inwards on each side the the vehicle you"re working on. For the driver-side, revolve the wheel every the method right, and for the passenger-side, rotate the wheel all the means left.

Figure 1. Driver"s next wheel turn right.

Step 2 – eliminate the plastic wheel liner clips

Locate the clips uncovered on the wheel liner.

Take the pry tool and also remove each clip.Once the liner is free, pull it back with her hands.
Figure 2. Pry off the plastic clips.
Figure 3. Pull ago the fender lining.

Step 3 – eliminate the bulb

There"s nothing one-of-a-kind here; simply use her hand to twist the bulb out.

Figure 4. Twist turn off the side marker bulb.

Step 4 – Pry the lens turn off the backing plate

The housing is organized in place with the usage of a backing plate situated inside that the bumper. There room two tabs that have to be released, so the side marker housing have the right to come off.

Take her hand and also feel inside for the former backing bowl tab.Push ~ above the tab and release it.Once the housing is broken free, edge it to gain the various other tab off.Holding the backing bowl in place, eliminate the side marker housing.The backing plate will certainly be loosely hanging, so be sure to usage a zip tie to keep it in the interim secured in place.
Figure 5. Release the an initial backing key tab.
Figure 6. Remove the side marker housing.

Step 5 – Align the new side marker

There are several different varieties of side markers available on the market. OEM housings will fit perfectly; however, aftermarket units might require extr attention, such as utilizing a little plastic shim come wedge lock in place.

Slide the new clip onto the backing plate and also hook it onto the tabs.Once the side marker is aligned, push the other tab in place.
Figure 7. Mount the new side marker.

Step 6 – install the bulb and trim

Here you have the right to either replace the bulb or just reuse the old one.

Twist the bulb right into place.Reinstall the clips ~ above the wheel liner.

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Figure 8. Brand-new side marker installed.

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