Here"s just how to freshen increase the brakes on your Chevy Silverado to save it avoiding at its optimal performance.

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This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

The life bicycle of brakes varies between different varieties of trucks, and likewise depends just how you journey it. It"s tough to say once you should readjust your brakes based upon mileage alone, and also it"s very easy not to notification when your brakes are overdue because that a change. So as soon as the time comes for you come get brand-new brakes, environment is her next large task. Follow this tips and DIY actions to change the brake pads, calipers, and also rotors in her Silverado. It"s no as difficult as that sounds.

Figure 1. Set up brake pads, calipers and rotors ~ above Chevy Silverado.

Materials NeededHydraulic floor jack and also jack stands18, 19, and 22mm sockets and ratchetTorque wrenchBreaker bar (or affect gun)Large C-Clamp (or brake pad diffusion tool)Drainage panRubber malletBrake cleanerPenetrating oilWire brush

You deserve to verify whether your brakes room due because that a change by first checking the brake pad thickness. Start by removed the wheel and also looking at the brake pads indigenous the top. There have to be a item of steel that extends native the pad and also points in the direction of the rotor. If this piece of steel looks together if it"s about to touch the rotor, her brake pads should be replaced. If it"s in direct contact with the rotor, you are long overdue because that a pad change. To identify if the rotors must be replace, measure your thickness. Most times there will certainly be a minimum thickness measurement on the hat (center) that the rotor. If you measure up the rotor in ~ multiple points and also any one of them is in ~ or below the minimum thickness, your rotors must be changed. Various other indications that the rotors have to be changed are if the rotors have a heavily gouged or uneven surface.

Pro Tip

Before starting, remember the you always want to adjust the brakes in pairs. Because that example, change both prior brakes before getting come the rear brakes.

Step 1 – eliminate the wheel

The entire truck go not have to be elevated as only one wheel will should be eliminated at a time.

Loosen the wheel"s lug nuts making use of a 22mm socket. You might need to usage a breaker bar or impact gun for extra leverage.Use a floor jack to lift the truck, for this reason the wheel is off the ground.Unscrew the lug nuts, and then eliminate the wheel.
Figure 2. Remove the lug nuts and also wheel.
Pro Tip

At this point it"s a an excellent idea to spray the brake assembly with brake cleaner. This will eliminate excess brake dust.

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Step 2 – remove the caliper mounting bolts

Remove the two 19mm brake caliper mounting bolts hold the brake caliper to the bracket. This bolts have the right to be uncovered behind the bracket with the tiny rubber boots.Pull the caliper away from the rotor.Use a bungee cord to hang the caliper, so the brake lines execute not acquire torn.
Figure 3. Remove the brake caliper mounting bolts.
Pro Tip

Some bolts in the brake system could be corroded or rusty. Spray them through penetrating oil and also let that sit for a brief time, therefore the bolts are easier to remove.

Step 3 – eliminate the brake pads

The edges of the brake pads have actually metal tabs that sit in the grooves top top the brake caliper mounting bracket.

Insert a pry bar v the grooves and complimentary the brake pads indigenous the caliper.Then on slide the brake pads the end from the caliper.Remember to change out the metal tabs the sit between the brake pad and also the caliper mounting bracket. These tabs allow the brake pads come slide right into the grooves the the bracket. Most brake pad kit come v these tabs.
Figure 4. Remove the brake pads.

Step 4 – remove caliper mounting bracket

Remove the 2 18mm bolts that secure the caliper mounting bracket come the steering knuckle.Then pull turn off the mounting bracket.Inspect the rubber boots that safeguard the caliper bolts and the caliper sliding pins. They need to slide in and out freely. If they carry out not, girlfriend will have to remove them, apply brand-new grease, and also then re-install them. If the boots space torn, girlfriend will have to replace lock completely.
Figure 5. Remove the brake caliper mounting bolts.
Figure 6. Rubber boots attached come the caliper slide pins.

Step 5 – remove the brake rotor

Usually, over there are small threaded washers on the wheel studs. Friend will need to remove these first if they are present.Use a rubber mallet to hit the earlier and front confront of the rotor. Turn the rotor as you perform in bespeak to evenly knock the rotor loose.Then merely slide the rotor turn off of the wheel studs.
Figure 7. Fight the brake rotor through a rubber mallet.

Step 6 – install the brand-new brake rotor

When you take it the rotor the end of the box it can have residue ~ above the deals with of it. Make sure you clean all the residue off, and be very careful no to touch the encounters of the rotor through your ceiling hands.Place the brand-new brake rotor over the wheel studs. You deserve to use a pair of wheel lug nuts to organize it in place.
Figure 8. Install new brake rotor.

Step 7 – download the brake caliper mounting bracket

Use a cable brush to clean the mounting bracket prior to re-installing it.Make sure your caliper sliding pins and their rubber boots space in an excellent condition prior to re-installing the bracket.Slide the caliper mounting bracket top top the brand-new rotor.Thread the two 18mm bolts ago into place, and torque castle to manufacturing facility specs.
Figure 9. Download the caliper mounting bracket.

Step 8 – download the new brake pads

Remember to download the metal tabs the sit in in between the brake pads and the grooves the the caliper mounting bracket.Use the steel tabs as a guide to insert the new pads right into the grooves that the bracket. Make sure that the friction product is encountering the rotor.
Figure 10. Use metal tabs as a overview when installing the brake pads.

Step 9 – Retract the piston ~ above the brake caliper

You will have to retract the brake caliper piston right into the caliper due to the fact that the brand-new brake pads room thicker 보다 the old ones.

Place the old brake pad across the piston.Then, location the C-Clamp end the old pad and the human body of the caliper.Turn the C-Clamp progressively until you start to watch the piston retracting into the caliper. Continue until the piston is flush v the body of the caliper.
Figure 11. Retract the brake caliper piston.

Step 10 – install the brake caliper

Disconnect the brake heat attached come the rear side that the caliper. Location a drainage pan underneath because brake liquid will leak out.Slide the brand-new caliper over the brake pads. Friend can offer it a couple of taps to nudge that in place.Secure the caliper through the 2 19mm bolts, and also torque them to manufacturing facility specs.Reattach the brake line to the brand-new caliper.
Figure 12. On slide on the new brake caliper.

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Step 11 – finish the installation

Double examine that all bolts room torqued and also all parts have actually been correctly installed.Mount the wheel and hand-tighten the lug nuts.Lower the wheel ~ above the ground and torque the lug nuts to factory specs.After all of the brake pads, caliper, and rotors have been replaced, friend will must bleed the braking system.Additionally, prior to driving the truck, pump the brake pedal a few times. Because you retracted the piston, that is no in direct contact with the brake pads, so pumping the brakes will certainly ensure that the piston extends to the pads.

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