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L3700SU, L3800, L3400, L3200 Kubotas carry out not have actually a fuel shutoff. Part may yet it is rare.Here is an easy method to adjust the diesel fuel filter:1. Find the fuel line from the tank and remove it.2. Placed a 5/16" shoulder bolt in the opened of the fuel heat to protect against the leak.3. Readjust your fuel filter using brand-new o-rings (bought separately).4. Fill the fuel filter through diesel.5. Placed the filter back on and ago it off one complete turn.6. Start the engine, let some fuel flow over the filter housing.7. Tighten the filter.Let that run. If you did it right, there is no should bleed the injectors. It will take turn off purring prefer it should.Kubota left off a shutoff valve yet this method works good and her tractor will thank you for it.Burt


Burt,If you use a line clamp, girlfriend don"t need to take turn off the fuel line. When the heat clamp is released after the filter is changed, the filter key fills up quicker than that takes you come go get on and also start it.The dealer provides vice grips on the fuel line, collection loosely...
Burt,If you usage a line clamp, girlfriend don"t need to take off the fuel line. When the heat clamp is released after the filter is changed, the filter key fills up faster than it takes you to go acquire on and start it.The dealer supplies vice grips ~ above the fuel line, set loosely...
CCR,I believed of making use of the vise grips and later thought possibly not. I am rural and if i busted or damaged a hose, I"d it is in in an extremely deep yogurt to walk get another one. For the reason, i didn"t usage the redneck shutoff valve.Thanks because that the reminder, others usage that clamping an approach successfully though.Burt

I usage a pair the channel locks on the ones in ~ work. Just set the new filter in easy reach location. Loosen the old filter to wherein I deserve to spin it turn off by hand. Crimp the line, eliminate the old filter, spin the new one on and release mine grip top top the channel locks. And also then complete tightening the filter by hand. Takes every one of thirty seconds to swap the filter. Simply keep ~ above old pail comfortable to drop the old filter in.
I uncover it much simpler to merely clamp lines with vise-grips, but if/when it"s too thick, brittle, or flimsy, a golf tee generally works great. Always have a couple in my device box.

If I read the hand-operated right, you wait till the tank is less than fifty percent full and also it no leak much when you readjust the filter. I simply used vise grips on the fuel line...
Use those on gasoline and also diesel engines alike. Great tool and also minimizes causing damage to the lines. If not available, just cut a coke have the right to in half and usage each fifty percent on the vice grips to avoid them indigenous damaging the hoses.

That is the tool I use. Ns watched Edd on Wheeler Dealer use them for this reason much, ns bought a set. Really handy items.
My tractor didn"t have a shut turn off either. Throughout the an initial filter readjust I ran the tank practically empty. While transforming the filter I gotten rid of the line and drained the tank. ~ this I installed a inline shut off valve and solved this worry for good.
If I read the hands-on right, you wait until the tank is less than fifty percent full and it wont leak lot when you adjust the filter. I simply used vise grips ~ above the fuel line...
Bluegill,You"re right. The is what the hand-operated says. Drainpipe it when much less than half full. However, I prefer to store ours complete no matter what since I recognize a partially complete tank deserve to encourage moisture. For that reason, I decided to carry out it the means I did.However, i am walk to acquire some that those heat clamps at HF fer sure.All great advice indigenous many. I would not have actually thought that the golf tees.Maybe the K agency will start putting shut offs on this tractors. It"s strange that the shop manual seems to present a shutoff valve on peak of the filter.Anyway, It"s excellent now and also I have some great info because that the future.Thanks come all,Burt
IMHO it"s a waste of time to avoid there. Put a clamp top top it. Carry out two slices that a hose, pop in an inline shut off valve whereby you reduced a chunk of water tap out and then your done with it. Next filter adjust you wont be looking for where you placed the damn fuel line clamps etc etc.
I have a me locking plier collection that has actually jaws come act as a heat clamp. Functions great. Won"t damages the lines and works approximately garden hose size.Installing your own shut turn off valve is nice however now you need to maintain a shut off valve.I could"ve sworn I observed a shut off valve on my L3200... I"d desire to have actually that as an emergency shut off anyway. That"s how my D-17 shuts under normally, kill the fuel!
I have actually a self locking plier set that has actually jaws to act together a line clamp. Works great. Won"t damage the lines and also works as much as garden hose size.Installing your very own shut turn off valve is nice however now you have to maintain a shut off valve.I could"ve sworn I saw a shut off valve on my L3200... I"d want to have that as an emergency shut off anyway. That"s how my D-17 shuts down normally, kill the fuel!
I was wondering the exact same thing... Uneven something bad happens I just use my shut off once a year. Been doing fine because 2000 when it was installed.
I guess: v not lot if it"s a high quality, diesel rated valve, yet if girlfriend buy one el-cheapo, it can mean replacing seals or the valve itself on a consistent basis.Having replaced several shut off valves in mine life, I deserve to tell girlfriend they can go bad.

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Hey guys, a pair of comment on fuel filter changes, including the L3200.1. Begin your device and run it for a while, get it relatively warmed up and also ensure oil is properly circulated, closeup of the door it down normally.2. Open up rack to WOT-full accelerator position.3. Change fuel filter. ~ above the L3200 I believe there is an automatically shut off developed into the fuel filter housing, as soon as you eliminate the filter it have to shut off the fuel. If you spin it off pretty quickly, girlfriend shouldn"t shed much fuel.4. Install brand-new filter, rotate on the bowl somewhat progressively so you have the right to see the wait bubble the end of the housing before you have actually the 0 ring contact the real estate from the bowl, this bleeds out 95% the the air.5. Start the maker and allow the engine take turn off to high rpm. Due to the fact that you currently started it and also warmed it up with action 1, the is all pre-lubed and there is no damages done to the motor. This is exactly how practically all commercial diesel generators start (even indigenous a cold start) and have no adverse wear issues.6. After roughly 30 seconds, bring rpm back down come 1/2 throttle and either begin using the tractor or shut it turn off if you"re done.The high rpm start will allow your engine to construct up some inertia native the initial start with the fuel that"s in the injector pump, so if there was a tiny air bubble, that would cause the engine come stumble however it will commonly recatch and keep running.I have used this procedure on hundreds of Kubotas and also never had to bleed an injector/injector pump. I likewise do it on my B9200 and it works mint.