Cast stole tubs deserve to weigh over 300lbs easily depending upon the size, shape, and wall surface thickness, which provides them very challenging to remove. Depending on what her plans are for the tub, you have several various methods you deserve to use to remove one. I"ve make the efforts both approaches in the past so ns can aid you prepare because that what you"re in store for.

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Plumbing Preparation prior to the bath tub Removal

No matter what an approach you choose from below, girlfriend will must makes sure that friend disconnect any plumbing running to the tub. Usually this involves disconnecting the drainpipe waste and overflow pipes native the bath tub itself. Sometimes these are the just things maintaining the bathtub in place because of the tubs weight alone.

You may likewise need to cut caulking approximately the tub using a utility knife, if the bathtub is situated next to one or much more tiled walls.

Sometimes a special tool referred to as the "Tub drainpipe Remover" is forced to unscrew the bottom drain from the tub"s pipes below. I commonly used a substantial screwdriver and also wedged it right into the slot in the upper part of the tub drain, then unscrewed that drain strainer counterclockwise if my storage serves me right. The bath tub drain remover tool simply makes that easier, you can pick one up because that $10.

The tub overflow item that"s located inside the bath tub can commonly be unscrewed v two Phillips head screws.

Okay, now that you correctly disconnected the plumbing from the tub itself, as a safety precaution, you have the right to turn off her water supply, just in situation you accidentally damage a water pipe throughout the actual bathtub removal process.

Skip come the technique that pertains to your yes, really needs, one is for world who setup to keep the tub in one piece, and also the various other is for people who quite remove the bathtub in smaller chunks.

Method 1

Remove a cast Iron bath tub in 1 Piece

You have to have everything disconnected native the tub at this point, now you need to break loose the tub from the walls if that"s just how it"s installed. You"re going to need to do whatever it take away to remove it, this have the right to entail removing wall surface tile, and other obstacles that deserve to be holding the bath tub in place.

If you reduced the silicone bead and also still can"t get the bathtub to budge, girlfriend may have to break the walls that organize the tub there. I would certainly personally rest as little of the all as feasible if, you"re arrangement is to retrofit a new tub in the area. If you"re plan a major remodel, it may be a lot easier to eliminate the neighboring tile and also cut the wall surface board turn off 6" over the tub, so that you can provide yourself lot of of wiggle room come wedge the bathtub out of its cavity.

Sometimes civilization want to relocate or reuse an old actors iron tub and the is doable, yet you"re going to need some guy power because of the sheer load of the tub. I remember among our first whole home remodels earlier in 2005, we gotten rid of a actors iron bathtub and had actually to closely navigate it through the hallway and kitchen and then down the 2 flights of stairs. I remember that removal plainly because it was a little bit of a nightmare. If you have to walk your tub down a flight of stairs, ns recommend at the very least 2 strong guys in ~ the bottom the the tub, due to the fact that the load is too much for one guy to bare every on his own. V this technique you room going to hazard damaging the stairs and also any flooring you can possibly fall or traction the bathtub on. Likewise you might scrape or bump right into walls, doors, and also other obstacles on your way out of the house, so setup ahead and also be careful.

Method 2

Break the actors Iron tub Into Pieces

I"ve offered this technique 3 times, 2 ~ above the task for ahead customers and once for myself. Very first make certain you"ve done the work mentioned previous concerning the pipes disconnect . You deserve to stuff part crumpled increase newspapers right into the exposed tub drain to stop debris from clogging your drain pipes, that"s what ns did.

for this method I introduce the following materials:

1. Old comforter

2. 10 lb sledgehammer

3. Safety Glasses

4. Thick job-related gloves

5. Ear protection, due to the fact that it"s going come be an extremely loud.

I removed both cast iron tubs by place a ceiling or old comforter end the areas I was planning to strike through the sledgehammer. Why usage the blanket? The porcelain coating is going come shatter into tiny sharp pieces and they can reason injury if lock hit your body. The comforter will stop them or piece of actors iron from flying at girlfriend or someone else. Ns wouldn"t also think of making use of a sledgehammer top top a actors iron bathtub or sink without acquisition the ideal safety precautions.

Once you have yourself protected and also ready for work, just strike covered areas of the tub with the sledgehammer, paying fist to how much pressure you actually should break pieces off. Mine particular bath tub took a ton the force, watch the YouTube Clip below to view me in action, ns even display footage of what my brand-new bathroom looks prefer after i converted the old outdated bathrooms right into one larger bathroom instead. I think you"re walking to choose what i did with it.

One last point I desire to allude out is that the corner walls that the bathtub might require an ext force come strike however they space also an excellent starting clues in my opinion. As soon as you break the top corner of the tub, you can proceed whacking piece off the tub wall. Remove all the piece that area basic to handle out the your means and save working in ~ it till the whole tub has been obliterated and also removed from your bathroom.

For cleanup, I indicate a an excellent shop vac, due to the fact that you"ll have hundreds if not countless porcelain shards and small pieces of cast iron also to clean out from the floor.

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Good luck, and please it is in careful. If you don"t trust yourself doing a job prefer this, hire somebody how has actually experience.