just how do ns bleed the radiator on a 2005 dodge Stratus 2.7? I have a bleeder valve an have actually been looking around and most world are saying execute what friend say but there still seems to it is in air in the radiator. Is over there another way besides that?

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pour it until it is full NOTE:IT IS IMPERATIVE the THE COOLING mechanism AIR BLEED VALVE BE opened up BEFORE any COOLANT IS included TO THE COOLING SYSTEM. Fail TO open THE BLEED VALVE first WILL an outcome IN an INCOMPLETE to fill OF THE SYSTEM. 1. Near radiato draincock by turning clockwise. 2. Open cooling mechanism bleed valve. Check out Fig. 25. 3. Connect a 6.35 mm (0.250 in.) inside diameter clear hose the is 120.0 cm (48 in.) lengthy to the bleed valve. Path the hose away from accessory journey belts and also radiator fan. Place the other end of hose into a collecting container. The hose will stop coolant native contacting accessory drive belts and other components.4. Remove cooling system pressure cap. Attach Special device 8195, Filling help Funnel come coolant press container filler neck. 5. Usage the gave clip come pinch overflow hose the connects between the two chambers the the pressure container. See Fig. 25. 6. To water coolant into the larger section the Filling aid Funnel (the smaller ar of funnel is to allow air to escape). 7. Slowly proceed filling until a secure stream that coolant operation from attached hose on bleed valve. 8. Close bleed valve and continue filling device to height of Filling assist Funnel. 9. Remove clip indigenous overflow hose. 10. Allow coolant in Filling assist Funnel to drainpipe into overflow room of pressure container. 11. Remove Special device 8195, Filling aid Funnel and also install pressure cap on press container. 12. Eliminate hose native bleed valve. 13. Begin engine and enable to run till thermostat opens and also radiator pan cycle. NOTE:The engine cooling mechanism will push any kind of remaining air into the push container within about one fifty percent hour of common driving. As a result, a fall in coolant level in the push container may occur. If the engine cooling device overheats and also pushes coolant right into the overflow chamber of the push container, this coolant will be sucked back into the cooling device ONLY IF THE press CAP IS LEFT on THE push CONTAINER. Removed the pressure cap division the vacuum path between the 2 chambers of the pressure container and also the coolant will certainly not go back to the cooling system.14. Shut turn off engine and enable it come cool down. This permits coolant to be drawn into the push chamber. 15. Through engine COLD, observe coolant level in push chamber.

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Coolant levelshould be in ~ MIN and also MAX marks. Readjust coolant level as necessary.1 SPECIAL tool 81952 COOLING device BLEED VALVE3 PINCH OVERFLOW HOSE4 COOLANT press CONTAINER