You space not born a wizard, you end up being a wizard. You already have the powers and magical abilities the a sorcerer’s needs. But, discovering to usage them to do magic is just a small part of gift a wizard.

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Becoming a magician is not straightforward task, there space no simple set of indict to come to be a wizard. The path and also journey of coming to be a wizard is a procedure between you and the universe, i can"t make you a wizard. Coming to be a magician is approximately you.



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The simplest course to becoming a magician I recognize of is:

Step 1: Research and also find out what gift a wizard means. (More top top this later)Step 2: occupational to come to be what you know a sorcerer’s is.Step 3: Repeat step 1 v 3.

These procedures are necessary because you couldn"t occupational to become something you have actually a limited idea about. Most civilization don"t know what a actual wizard is, part of the procedure of coming to be a actual wizard is finding out what a real wizard is. Each human is walk to have actually a various idea about this, and also because of this every wizard is most likely to be very different from every other. 

A wizard must have the ability to see reality behind illusion. This requires the magician to discover to see through what is fake, the college student to come to be a wizard must question every little thing to check out if that has truth or if the exists an ext as an illusion. Question everything, question your expertise of reality.

A wizard the cannot see past illusion will certainly be grounding in the muggle physical world. Being able to view the truth of magic and also the truth of the magical people (in truth, not simply in fantasy) is component of gift a genuine wizard.

The college student of the universe regularly sees the cosmos as a puzzle, the sorcerer’s strives to learn and solve elements of this global puzzle. 


Learning about Being a Wizard:Becoming a magician will call for you to understand what a actual wizard is, come learn about real magic and also manifestation, to learn around the world and universe roughly you. 


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Real Life Apprenticeship:Ideally, one would desire to apprentice under someone that knows actual magic. This can be very complicated though, and also often requires you to occupational or pay her teacher for your time. Also if you discover someone that teaches actual magic, there is no guarantee they will certainly teach. I myself (Merlin that Manitou) have actually refused numerous students, many an ext than I have accepted.


Grey college of If you room unable come apprentice under who then finest option is The Grey institution of Wizardry. This college has an extremely affordable tuition because that both underage wizards 12 - 17 and adults 18+ .


From Books:If virtual schooling is not an option for you i would suggest you pick up a good book on magic. Scott Cunningham and also Silver Ravenwolf are two great authors to begin with. Their books are accessible at significant retail publications stores and online in ~ Amazon.


Being a Wizard:Being a wizard likewise requires law things choose a wizard, otherwise, whats the point? being a wizard for many, boils down to doing some magick. Magic can mean various things for different people, for me it means manifestation and spell work. Manifestation is make things occur using her mind and extensions that yourself, spell work can mean many things, speak a verbal incantation, mixing a potion with healing intentions, burn sage come clear energy or countless other creates of energy alteration.

Merlin"s realm understands your desire to run in an want to play with some magic. Now, together a Wizard, I want to warning you, magic is no a game or a toy, what you create with your magic you are going to need to deal with. Real magic is an effective stuff. Think long and also hard before you decision what you want to develop with magic.

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But if you space ready, Merlin"s realm has created a Complete Starter wizard Kit that you have the right to purchase that contains a blank spell book, a wand, 7 spells and some other gear to obtain you began on your course of a wizard.