Shark tooth Island is online and ready to be explored! The citizens of the virtual civilization Island for kids are having big shark trouble. Just you deserve to save the job by learning the plenty of secrets that the online digital world, Shark tooth Island.

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Released: September 2007 (or later)Common Room: Coconut CafePreceded by: early cg-tower.comca IslandSucceeded by: Time Tangled Island

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Video Walkthrough

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Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough created by Slanted FishSpecial thanks to Purple Ring and White Ice

Welcome to Shark this Island, home of the fearsome Booga shark.

You deserve to take a Shark Fin native the seller you’ll accomplish upon landing top top the island, but wearing that is optional.


Keep moving right until you obtain to the ancient Ruins.

Professor Hammerhead’s journal Page

At the ancient Ruins, relocate all the means to the appropriate until you watch a square-shaped rock. Press it over to the tree trunk. Beware the the bouncing coconuts, together they will knock you over if bumped into!


Now run onto the square rock, then climb all the way up the dangling vine above. Jump up to the second wooden platform, climate jump left come land on the roof of the temple. There you’ll uncover a Translation Key, which come from Professor Hammerhead’s journal.


With the translate into key, spell the word “OPEN.” Then click the triangle in between the two circles. If the code you entered was correct, the lights will flash green and you can pass to the left.

Temple Dungeon

Go left, through the tunnel, and also you’ll be in the holy place Dungeon.

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Head left and also climb to the top of the statue v the huge caterpillar prowling about. Beware that the caterpillar, which will certainly knock you over if bumped into! 

Wait for the swinging communication to come by, then hop on. Jump to the left platform, and keep walk left and down. You’ll find an Old Bone.

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TriviaOn the map in the Shark tooth Island tourism Center, the is shown that Shark this Island is shaped favor a shark.The island has 2 areas that are both optional come visit. Namely, The Shark Museum and the travel Center.If you use a certain route and never obtain hurt, the island have the right to be completed in under 4 minutes.Shark tooth Island is cg-tower.comca’s 2nd island, released quickly after Early cg-tower.comca in 2007.Visiting the Shark Museum is not essential to finish the quest, yet you do acquire to learn more about sharks and see Shark Boy, that is additionally a cg-tower.comca Creator. It additionally tells you around the open code. Also, you perform not have to obtain the Shark Fin item, however it’s a free accessory.Castaway Island (where Professor Hammerhead and his child are stranded) has a volleyball the looks precisely like Wilson the volleyball indigenous the movie Cast Away.According to a map in the Shark Museum, Shark this Island is shaped choose a shark.There was a bonus covert handheld item obtainable for a brief time in the summer of 2008. It was a chalice on optimal of a shark frostbite in Booga Bay.In April 2008, there to be a roman soldier on height of a building on Shark tooth Island who said, “How did I obtain here? I should be on Time Twisted Island!” For some unknown reason, he appeared again in mid-February the 2014.Professor Pendulum from Time Tangled Island can be watched vacationing in the Tourist Center.According to his statue in the tourist Center, Professor Hammerhead lived from 1920–1997, yet you rescue him alive at the end of the quest. Also, cg-tower.comca just opened in 2007!

Tourist facility & Shark Museum

These are the displays and selections of exciting dialogue indigenous the tourist Center and also Shark Museum. Click to watch the pictures in full size!