Hello other Penguins and also welcome to the society Penguin Cheats site where friend will discover the ultimate guide to all the society Penguin Cheats, tips, secrets, relief and free Club Penguin Coin codes contest. You"https://cg-tower.com/how-to-beat-sensei-club-penguin/imager_5_312_700.jpgll also find the recent Club Penguin community news, mission guides and also much more, all updated day-to-day by club Penguin Cheats website blogger, cg-tower.com.

Are you a Fire Ninja? ns am! inspect out this video clip on exactly how to win Sensei in Card-Jitsu Fire and what friend receive once you to win him.

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Here space some methods of beating Sensei:

How come Beat Sensei

If eye is an option and also you have a snow Card higher then 7 pick itTry and also pick a continual Card-Jitsu match and pick a 10+ Fire (if you have one), a 6+ Water and also a short or high eye CardHe typically picks low eye Cards and also high Fire Cards

Once you beat him girlfriend will receive your Fire Gem for her Amulet and the title of Fire Ninja!

You will have to win 100+ battles to acquire the complete Fire fit then loss Sensei.

Here space the items you will must get before you can fight Sensei.

If girlfriend still need assist playing check my Card-Jitsu Fire – Earn your Fire Suit post below this one or you can email me in ~ cg-tower.com
me.com with any kind of questions!

Dont forgot there will certainly be 2 other Water/Ice Rooms coming too!


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