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Products: pants – ASOS, height – H&M, jacket – Modcloth, Belt – H&M, shoes – Topshop

Katherine’s signature look is composed of tight black color pants, a tank top with a plunging neckline, and also leather or black color denim jacket.

Katherine’s outfit is simple, but it mirrors that she method business and is prepared for activity at any type of time. It’s good inspiration because that our wardrobes, as well.

When recreating Katherine’s classic outfit, walk for clothing in dark colors, such as black, navy blue, and also royal purple, and also make certain they’re tight in fit. Pair any type of black color pant v a cami optimal or tank, and then add heels and also a coat to end up it off.

This is a look offers off a feeling of power, and would it is in a perfect transitional outfit from occupational to a night out.

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What do you think that Katherine Pierce’s style?

Katherine’s format isall around confidence. Heels, thin jeans and form-fitting dresses are her go-to pieces for day and night.

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If those over-the-top look at aren’t fairly your speed, friend can constantly take some impetus from her period costumes. One of two people way, girlfriend can’t go wrong!

Did girlfriend enjoy gaining a glimpse at exactly how you could show up vampy and also sexy like Katherine Pierce? i m sorry outfit was your favorite? What carry out you think that Katherine Pierce’s style?