It’s no an enig that foreigners often get snared in traveler traps, together as commonly overpaying for food and lodging if on your travels. The effort of learning and speaking Spanish might make the merchant in question have actually a warmer disposition towards you, perhaps even leading to a better price than what’s available to other tourists. 


"How lot is it?" that is disputably one of, if no the most essential phrase to discover in any language. Whether her question pertains to the price of everyday items such as food, clothing, or random knick-knacks, this expression will nonetheless come in handy everyday on your travels in a Spanish speaking country or neighborhood.


In this article, fine cover the many ways come ask because that the price or worth of something. Yes sir no must rack your mind memorizing countless different variations. Discover at least one that the phrases below and stick to it.





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How come Ask “How lot Is It?” in Spanish


¿Cuánto cuesta? – how much is it? 


This is, by far, the most simple and common means to asking the common question. The is fairly short and also easy come pronounce even for pure beginners. ¿Cuánto cuesta esa camisa? or “How much is the shirt?” is a typical scenario where you’d use this valuable phrase. Alternatively, “How much does the cost?” is a an ext literal translation of the phrase.

This phrase is most an ideal for questioning the price the one details item, such together the price of a sandwich or a cup that coffee. Scenarios involving much more than one of the particular items in question are better suited with the slight addition ¿Cuánto cuestan? 


Let’s failure the relocating parts of this phrase. It starts with the adverb cuánto, which means “How much.” it’s pronounced <ˈkwanto> in the IPA transcription.

It is then followed by the verb cuesta (pronounced <ˈkwes.ta>) which method "it costs." the is the 3rd person singular kind of the verb costar, which way "to cost." Cuestan is the 3rd person plural form of the very same verb. 


¿Cuánto vale? – how much is it worth?


This is the most common different you"re likely to hear around town, such as ¿Cuánto vale ese carro? or “How much is this automobile worth?” This phrase has a slim nuance the hints an ext towards the value of something, together opposed to the cost itself. 


However, it is widely provided interchangeably among native speakers. The verb vale is the third person singular form of the verb valer, which way “to it is in worth.” it can also be altered to attend to many items through the suffix addition – ¿Cuánto valen esas casas? Or “How lot are those residences worth?” in level old English. 


There"s no require to concern if you fail to remember the many suffix the the verb. Opportunities are the paper definition of the case will be clear to the human you"re speaking v or better yet, they could even correct you. Never be fear to make mistakes when speaking to native speakers. Take it it as a free, real-world language lesson. 


¿Cuánto es en dólares? – how much is it in dollars?


This expression is generally reserved because that scenarios once the currency needs to be stated in specific to clear any kind of sort the ambiguity. You could simply swap the dollars at the finish of the expression for any type of other money such together pesos, euros, etc. 


In particular settings, the phrase have the right to be shortened once the money does not have to be specified. Because that example, the phrase ¿Cuánto es? which equates as “How lot is it?” is a casual way to bring around the question.


This phrase provides the verb es, which is the third person singular kind of the verb estar, not to it is in confused, however, through the verb ser, i m sorry poses a real difficulty for learners of the Spanish language. 


Basic numbers


At this point, you"ve learned how to ask because that the price or worth of things in a couple of different ways. However, the what use will it it is in if friend can"t fully understand the reply. Let"s cover the an easy figures you"ll require to know to know prices. 


I"ll assume you"re well-acquainted v 1-10, at least, however that won"t be sufficient. Let"s cover the figures from 10-100 by the variable of 10:


10 – diez 20 – veinte 30 – treinta 40 – cuarenta 50 – cinquenta 60 – sesenta 70 – setenta 80 – ochenta 90 – noventa 100 – cien 


If you have the right to master this figures, climate you’ll be fine on your means to talking about prices and also values fluently in Spanish. 


Casual & Slang versions 


As in many languages, yes sir a natural tendency to shorten and also condense words and also sentences in daily speech, specifically in casual settings among friends. The Spanish language is no different.

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Instead of speak Me voy para la playa, a indigenous speaker would generally say Me voy pa" la playa. another prime example consists of how native speakers might simply say ¿Cuánto? once addressing someone with things in hand. 


Another common form of slang describes the money often addressed together palos, or how we would certainly say ‘bucks’ rather of dollars. Because that example, you might encounter 2 natives speakers referring come an expensive car as ¿Cuánto palos vale ese carro? 


Some useful vocabulary might additionally include words connected with asking for prices such as: 


La cuenta – the invoice (at a restaurant) La propina – the tip El cambio – the changeEl total – the complete La factura – the bill Efectivo – cash 


Incorporate these words right into your vocabulary and also watch the watch of amazement ~ above the encounters of indigenous speakers the didn"t suppose such a high level the Spanish being talked by a ‘gringo.’ 


Don’t forget come look in ~ our Spanish Frequency thesaurus series. You will uncover only helpful vocabulary there offered in real-life instance sentences. It provides learning new vocabulary fun and easy!

Essential Takeaways


This list spanned the three main ways to ask, "How much is it?" in Spanish. Some phrases ~ above the perform are much more common than others. However, remainder assured that you’ll it is in easily interpreted in any kind of case. 


Language is inextricably attached with culture and heritage. It can be an to express pathway come someone"s heart, specifically when they"re no expecting it. Together the Nelson Mandela quote states, “Speak come a male in his second language, and he"ll respond through his head. Speak come him in his mother tongue, and also he"ll respond with his heart.”