There are many ways to display your music ~ above Youtube. Once I started out as a media composer I just picked a photo, added my music come it and rendered it together a video. Yeh, the does the job. It’s ok, yet let’s be honest … it’s quite boring come look at. However hold on, Synthesia can adjust your life!

So stop get an innovative today. And see exactly how you come indigenous a solitary photo video with music to an awesome piano role synthesia music video in minutes.

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Youtube tutorial

I already created a youtube tutorial explaining just how to develop these great music videos. However if you’re an ext text-minded, keep reading on!

How to create awesome Synthesia piano role music videos

What you need to create Synthesia music videos

These 3 things space the just thing friend need.

First of all you’ll require Synthesia. I beg your pardon is a software routine that can aid you discover to pat the piano. Friend can shot it the end for free. You have the right to download it here.

Secondly, girlfriend will require some type of software application to record your screen and edit videos. I usage Screenflow for display recording and editing, however if she on a chop budget and also you’re functioning on a Mac. QuickTime for screen recording and also imovie for modifying will do the task for you.

Third and also last, you’ll need a MIDI version of her music track. You more than likely know currently how to execute that. Friend can quickly export a MIDI variation out the Apple’s logic or any kind of other DAW.

Let’s create: follow this easy roadmap

Open Synthesia and start including your MIDI files. Click settings, song and also then the add to symbol. Find the folder ~ above your computer where you keep your MIDI documents and add it. Go ago to the opened screen.

When you walk to beat a track you’ll see your MIDI tracks in the list. Select the one girlfriend want and press continue.

At this minute you should start your display recording software. Just record your screen, no audio. We will include the audio, actually the music track, after that in the process.

When you’ve began your display screen recording, press continue in Synthesia and also start the Piano role animation. Reap the fallout’s MIDI blocks. Girlfriend gotta love those MIDI blocks. I surely love those MIDI blocks!

When the computer animation has ended, you have the right to stop the display recording and also save it. Currently open your video editing software program and add the display screen recording, a background picture, her music document and develop (if girlfriend like) part title blocks.

You need to make 2 adjustments at this point.

First you require to adjust the opacity the the display recording or background picture (depends on which is positioned at the foreground). Readjust this setup to your demands so both space visible and blend in nice.

Secondly you need to sync the MIDI blocks through your music. If they aren’t synced well, that kinda look at stupid. Duh … find the precise position wherein the MIDI block touch the piano roll for the very first time. At that moment your music track demands to start. Inspect if they room synced correctly.

And that’s it! You’re all set to render your an initial awesome Synthesia music video!

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