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this to be a minute of reading random methods to freak people out.1. Walk into class and also too your teacher and also say "oh girlfriend do have a mouthwatering scent I have actually never noticed before."2. If friend sit in ~ a workdesk on your very own turn to the north desk and also cry "oh Edward mine love how i great you were right here to offer me miscellaneous nice to look at instead of the teacher ass." start to sob with no tears comes out.3. If you room sitting next to someone lean in really deliberately and sniff over there shoulder and also say "I am very thirsty today."4. Walk in put on a gold band on her wedding finger and also wave it around saying "i just gained married last night to my gorgeous edward cullen." sigh dreamily.5. Throw a desk at the blackboard then exclaim "no one understands the problems that being a cullen entails!!"6. If it is amazing facts around yourself day stand up and also say loudly "I am 109 year old" then describe in detail everything that taken place in your life consisting of your conversion from mortal come immortal and then say "It is so straightforward for friend humans." sigh theatrcally.scream at her teacher "I have gratuated end seventy times to be to ivy leaugue colleges and also you sit there like the human beings biggest understand it all ns know an ext in this specific subject than you perform ugh the horror i hate you all." run out that class.7. If who sits next to you move your chair as far away as the workdesk will permit glare in ~ them and also hiss undetr her breath "oh no ns knew ns should have actually hunted today."8. Pay a friend too speak to you in class answer and say "why walk you execute that emmet. I average I know exactly how appealing she smelt to you yet there was no forgive to kill her and also drink she blood." (say this really loudly) climate hang up operation out of the course saying something about a family emaergency.9. Perform not eat or drink anything in ~ school ever before then at the finish of the college day sigh theatrically and say "finally now i have the right to go and also hunt." 10. Buy gold & blackcontact lenses wear black color ones at first then the next day readjust day alternating every couple of weeks.11. Begin humming Bella"s lullaby an extremely loudly then once everyone is staring to speak "what is your difficulty jeez don"t you understand it"s rude come stare?" 12. Pretend to be on the phone saying with Alice and also snap "no i will certainly not drink grandm ...."s blood i am perfect in control." then snap the phone call shut.13. Scribble the end your last name on each of your institution books and also write Cullen instead.14. Pay among your friends from one more school to walk into your class and say "come through me Aro has been expecting you and has grown tired of your games." in a an extremely sinister voice in ~ which point you start to snarl very loudly shove away from your desk and also crouch then feather at the friend knocking her the end of the door make her scream. Rip her shirt mess your Blazer and also walk earlier into course saying "well she won"t be a problem any an ext grin evilly at everyone.15. Walk right into school v tomato sauce ~ above your face whenever who asks to speak you had actually a midnight snack. If castle ask what it was shrug and also reply "a hill lion." 16. Sit motionless and do not change your facial expression if the teacher asks girlfriend a quiestion (remember to look much away and also distant) speak "oh mine god your gonna die after school" do the death as gory together possible.17. Walk into course then loss to the ground screaming "OH mine GOD IT"S JAANNNE oh NOOOOOOO!" then was standing up and also look roughly you feather embarresed.18. Obtain a friend (he has actually too it is in tall like emmet.) come run right into the course shouting "Rosalie she has left me!" 19. Prize evry inquiry that the teacher asks you in a an extremely bored voice favor you have actually knew every this stuff for ages. Don"t also look at them when they ask you.20. Sigh alot and also roll your eyes and mutter under your breath "this will drive me mad and that is a an extremely hard point to do to a vampire five my god." proceed like this for the entirety lecture.21. Take a party of tomato juce into class and sit ~ above your desk (make a label that states o-negative) and very cassually drink throughout class muttereing "mmmmm... Hill lion bllod yum" climate laugh manically at everyone making encounters at over there water.
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