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Size9x12 customs (Pack of 100)
Item dimensions LxWxH12 x 9 inches
Item Weight1.49 Pounds

BAG SIZE: 9" broad x 12" high, below the zipper (228mm x 304mm)QUANTITY: Convenient pack of 100 bagsMATERIAL: 4 Mil (.004” thick) hefty duty polyethylene (LDPE), FDA food storage compliantUSES: our 45+ size of zipper bags are exceptionally versatile and great for packaging, shipping, or storage. Excellent for organizing and also separating samples, food, candy, jewelry, cards, handmade supplies, paper, office supplies, college supplies, hardware, collectibles, yarn, sewing kits, quilting supplies, toys, merchandise because that resale, or makeup with defense from moisture and dust.QUALITY GUARANTEE: as soon as you acquisition a Plymor Brand product, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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i bought these bags to hold activity figures and tiny collectible playthings in mine booth at the regional Antique Mall. Therefore far, every bag I have actually attempted to use has actually torn along the side seams. The seams space barely sealed and rip apart with no effort. This is definitely a major flaw and I would not recommend acquisition a chance with this bags.
1.0 out of 5 stars Poorly made! Bags room split/tear conveniently along the side seams! by Eduardo Ponce on august 2, 2020
ns bought these bags to hold activity figures and small collectible playthings in mine booth in ~ the regional Antique Mall. Therefore far, every bag I have attempted come use has actually torn along the side seams. The seams are barely sealed and rip apart v no effort. This is certainly a significant flaw and I would certainly not recommend taking a chance with this bags.
this bags are slightly bigger than the gallon dimension of those famed brand "ZipLoc" bags and have slightly different dimensions. Ns purchased them since I might use lock to safeguard a full size paper of 8.5" x 11" printer paper. Those other gallon size bags will perform that too yet you can"t "zip" "em up after you placed the file in. They"ve proven to be beneficial for a lot of other points too consisting of storing food since they"re made of food great plastic. The bags are rather sturdy and also have a strong, trusted closure.
ns love these bags and their price. I initially bought them because that filing papers, yet am now using them for freezing develop as they room food safe. The strip at the optimal works fine to nearby & open bag. So far I can not use had any problems with their durability. For travel I’ll usage them for loosened vitamins, and for costume jewelry.
I execute lots of file craft and also keep patterns for cards and ornaments and decorative aspects to usage on the cards in a paper cabinets under my craft table. I had actually been trying come use consistent zip-loc bags, however they room too broad to fit quickly into my hanging files. This bags organize 8 1/2" x 11" records perfectly, and also other scraps of papers I am conserving from assorted projects, there is no sticking up over the plastic brand I have actually on the hanging files. These bags were the perfect solution for my filing system.
Not an extremely durable. In fact they offered one of these "heavy duty" bags to package the continuing to be bags, i m sorry ripped. The bags fell all over my kitchen floor. Remaining bags have actually quality control issues. The seams are not well formed and also are thin.
First, this is no what I have actually received. The print on mine is together follows: RELOC / ZIPPIT, reclosable 100 Bags 9 x 12 4 mil. These are fine and measure together stated. Ns had an additional inquiry ~ above this item where the customer declared that the bag sizes were not as advertised. Again, what your photo shows is not what i have.I don"t use these for food storage. Ns ordered lock in the hope the I could store 1 gallon opened paint cans in them. Yet they are too small for that purpose, hence my 4 star rating. Ns order a larger size, i think 13 x 18 i beg your pardon do accomplish my needs. One of two people way, the 9 x 12 I have are fine.
these are good bags. Get 4+ mil for an ext durable parts storage.Compared to save bought freezer bags, these space not as large as ZipLoc or glad gallon size. These are opposite, 9 large x 12 tall. I wish they were the very same (wider opening).These room thicker than keep bought freezer bags i beg your pardon are probably 2 mil yet they don"t list that on the packaging, therefore that"s my guess. I would buy 6mil next time if ns can discover them in this dimension or bigger on, in bulk.I additionally would prefer the bags v the white compose on section, however I couldn"t find them in this size.

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