American comedian and actor ideal known for The 3 Stooges. His columbia pictures employee card listed his height as 5ft 3.5 and weight as 168 pounds.

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Mark2 stated on 17/Apr/20I simply remembered the article I made below years ago, my opinions quiet stand, although ns did underestimate Curly a bit. He absolutely pulls turn off a complete 5"5", at times he might look 2-3 inches taller 보다 Moe depending upon the shot, various other times the distinction is not as much.
5feet3onehalf claimed on 16/Dec/19Rob,at what time that day would you say was a person"s actual height? I"ve to be curious.....
Editor Rob
I think if we gain measured after gift up several hrs then it fits in v the kind of timeframe most civilization get measured in ~ appointments.
5feet3onehalf claimed on 16/Dec/19Rob execute you thing 5 feet3 and also a fifty percent was his height throughout the stooges? That"s my
Editor Rob
jabberwocky stated on 15/Mar/18Moe and Larry I"d say were both 5" 4", Curly to be 5" 5" and also Shemp to be the tallest at 5" 6".
Scott said on 22/Nov/16I have been a Stooges pan for many years, and also Larry fine has constantly been mine favorite. He has been explained as "about 5"4"" which could mean 5"3 1/2"" come 5"4"" on the nose. Moe Howard has been defined as 5"4"" the whole time I have actually viewed his height in all media. However, I when read where a other who met him explained Moe together ""5"3"" not long prior to he pass in 1975. Ns am certain he lost at least an inch throughout his 70"s. As numerous stooges shorts I have seen in my 31 years, I"d to speak Moe and also Larry were roughly around 5"4"" in their youth, and also Shemp and Curly were roughly the 5"5""mark. Joe Besser to be most likely marginally higher (5"41/2"") and Curly Joe DeRita may have actually been 5"6"" tops.
Carl said on 6/Jan/16Moe and Larry to be in the lower 5"3 range, Curly in the upper 5"4 range, and also Shemp around 5"5 (edging the end Curly anyway). On a semi-related note, 5"7 john Kassir play a very great Shemp in 2000 (average height has actually risen 2 inches since the 1940s) both personality and physically speak (of course the former mattering lot more).
Steve: I"d speak Moe was more in the mid-5"1" variety there, the looked a bit taller than Mike"s chin (the best comparison in my eyes was as soon as Moe to walk by Mike to perform his pie-throwing demonstration, and also yes ns took perspective, stance and also the like right into account together well). Furthermore, it"s difficult to tell with the low top quality (using the exact same scene), yet I think Mike"s footwear looked a bit heftier than Moe"s, so that could obviously do the latter look also shorter. It"s likewise worth discussing that by the moment of this episode"s filming, Moe was 76, and considering the physical activity involved in the slapstick he and also the other Stooges did, i wouldn"t it is in surprised if Moe had actually lost 2 inch (or close to it, much more than 1.5 inch anyway) by this time. Therefore Moe"s listing right here is reasonable, possibly a fraction less. I"d speak for every the renowned Stooges (meaning no Joe Besser nor Curly-Joe), I"d say:Moe-5"3.25"Larry-5"3" Curly 5"4.75" Shemp-5"5.75"
Steve claimed on 9/Apr/15I doubt Moe was any type of talker 보다 5". Once he showed up on The Mike Douglas Show, that came approximately Mike"s chin. And also Douglas to be no an ext than 5"9".
Shadow2 claimed on 8/Apr/15Interesting exactly how in that current movie recreation that the three Stooges, but set in today"s civilization (and no to be perplexed with the Mel Gibson created biography film), the actor playing Curly appeared to be about 6" 3".
Editor Rob
Sam stated on 2/Apr/15Mark"s listings seem fairly accurate, didn"t well-known Shemp edged out Curly though, I assumed Curly to be the best stooge. Wow, the Marx brothers in reality averaged taller than the Howard/Horwitz brothers...

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Mark said on 1/Apr/15In their first short in ~ Columbia "Women Haters", you can see during the scene as soon as he and Curly initiate Walter Brennan"s personality (listed here at 6"0") the Moe comes approximately his lips an ext or less. However, in that exact same short, Moe has some nice hefty footwear on, so acquisition that into account, Moe"s definitely no shorter than 5"3". The Stooges, favor Keaton and Chaplin, used techniques to do themselves look much shorter than they already were come appear more as the diminutive antiheroes we recognize them for. Because we have actually Moe on right here now, i think we can figure out the rest of the Stooge"s heights. Larry 5"3-5"3.5" (like Moe), Curly 5"4.5" (could appear to pull turn off a complete 5"5" at times), Shemp 5"5.5".