Leroy van Dyke, the "Auctioneer" and also "Walk top top By" fame, star that the movie, "What Am ns Bid?" is known roughly the people as an entertainer, record artist, radio and television star, actor, auctioneer and veteran of the Nevada circuit. He has actually recorded over 500 songs, and probably hold the record for most repeat-performance appointments of any type of working, name nation music entertainer. The has worked 40 come 70 fairs and livestock occasions per year for over five decades, in enhancement to a an excellent variety of various other engagements. He to be born ~ above a farm (not in a hospital) in countryside Pettis County, Missouri, without the amenities of running water and electricity. Elementary school schooling remained in one-room country schools, then to high college at Sedalia, whereby he ranked 3rd in a class of 180 graduates.Leroy is a graduate the the university of Missouri through a double major: pet Husbandry and Journalism, with a boy in Speech. He received a Bachelor of science in Agriculture, walk one semester of graduate work, and was a member the both the small and senior University that Missouri intercollegiate livestock judging teams. ~ serving as a one-of-a-kind agent, U. S. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps, in Korea, Leroy to be catapulted into show company while working as a journalist, once his self-penned "Auctioneer" record went a million-plus simply weeks after its release. He then joined Red Foley"s ABC-TV Network "Ozark Jubilee" in Springfield, Missouri, together a regular member, and continued in that place for 3 years till the show left the air. The again had actually a multi-million seller with "Walk top top By," a record that remained in the charts an tremendous 42 weeks, nineteen in the number one position, and also was later on named by Billboard Magazine as the biggest nation music document in history! Leroy then relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, and also became a consistent member that the world-famous cool Ole Opry. Music industry specialists named Leroy valve Dyke together the nation Music entertainer of the decade for the 1960s. He had actually the starring role in the 1967 movie "What Am i Bid?."Leroy was a establishing co-host that "Country Crossroads," the most widely syndicated display in radio history; he organized his own syndicated tv series, "The Leroy valve Dyke Show;" he hosted the 1965 nation Music combination Awards show at which Ernest Tubb to be inducted into the room of Fame; he was the first entertainer to receive the prestigious nation Music Association founding President"s Award because that contributing to the advance and improved image of country music; he offered on the board of director of the country Music Association, and also served on the plank of the global Entertainment Buyers Association. He to be selected by the nation Music association to stand for it in showcase situations at the Waldorf in brand-new York, The Monteleone in brand-new Orleans, The Edgewater Beach and the Conrad Hilton in Chicago, The Ambassador in Los Angeles and also numerous country Music Association functions in Nashville. Valve Dyke is thought about by market moguls and by his partner to be the entertainer who put professionalism in country music. He was the first to blaze a trail and also take a staged, produced, choreographed, self-contained country music present to the "Strip" in las Vegas. He was the first to take nation music come Bourbon Street in new Orleans" well known French Quarter. He to be the only nation music performer ever to open up a show for Marilyn Monroe. Leroy is a 2001 inductee right into the phibìc American nation Music Association, International, room of Fame. After more than four decades as an entertainer, Leroy still travels in overfill of a hundreds thousand performing miles yearly about the people . . . That performs in all facets that show organization including fairs, festivals, concerts, rodeos, supper clubs, conventions, radio, television, recordings, the Nevada circuit, breed cub events, agricultural shows and also private functions. He has actually not to let go a performance in end five years as one entertainer. ~ above a an individual note, should you ask, Leroy will certainly tell you that there are only four things he ever wanted come do: sing, sell, write, and raise livestock. That is living his dream. His name is a household word in nation music circles about the world. He is one auctioneering hall of reputation member. He was a successful journalist, and is the writer of "Auctioneering, Motivation, Success," a work-related that is rapidly coming to be the textbook of the auction profession.

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