Joe Maddon is a baseball manager and ex-player. Presently, that is the manager of Chicago cubs of major league baseball. He to be born on 8 hours February 1954 in West Hazleton. Joe and also his 4 brothers an initial worked v their so late father Joseph in his plumbing service known as C Maddon and Sons Plumbing and also Heating. This post is around Joe Maddon Salary.

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Baseball is in his blood since his elder brothers Joseph john was a Baseball Catcher and also baseball manager by profession. While at Lafayette College, he played baseball and football.

Joe Maddon began his job in major League Baseball, coaching the California angels in 1993 under managers Buck Rodgers, Marcel Lachemann, john McNamara, terrycloth Collins, and Mike Scioscia.

From 2006-2014, Joe Maddon controlled Tampa just Rays, leading them to a win in the American league in 2008. ~ quitting the task in 2014, he came to be the Chicago Cubs manager, top them come the 2015 National league Championship.

From the win, he to be labelled the National league manager that the year. Joe Maddon is the owner that a charitable organisation, Respect 90 structures which hold a Charity golf tournament annually in Hazleton, Pennsylvania come raise funds because that innercity Youth.


American baseball manager, Joe Maddon

Continue analysis to satisfy Joe Maddon’s mam Jaye Sousoures and also their married life.

Joe Maddon net Worth, Salary.

After help Chicago cubs won the world series in 2016, Joe Maddon’s salary was increased from $5 million come $6million per year. Because that now, Maddon’s network worth is $12 million.

His primary source of income is from his job in baseball. Adding to his network worth is his business, a restaurant called Ava in south Tampa.

Despite that, Joe Maddon has sealed endorsement deals with gold bond cooling Talcum which optimal up his earnings. Indigenous his wealth, Joe Maddon managed to acquisition a residence worth $1.76 million in Tampa. Joe Maddon’s salary in 2019 is $6 million before taxes.

Joe Maddon is married to wife Jaye Sousoures.

Baseball manager Joe Maddon’s an initial marriage was through Betty Maddon native 1981 to 1999. Together, they had actually two kids, Sarah and Joseph Maddon III.

He, later on on, that tied the knot with his present wife, Jaye Sousoures in 2008. The duo met in 1995 in Rossmoor Athletic club in Seal Beach, California, where Jaye to be an accountant. Details on even if it is they have youngsters together or not remain unrevealed.

Joe Maddon mam Jaye Sousoures Bio.

Jaye Sousoures Maddon is no the an initial wife the Joe Maddon. Yeah, it is right, Joe Maddon was formerly married to first wife Bette Stanton. Later on Joe got married to existing wife Jaye Sousoures.

The 2 met in ~ a health and wellness club in Longbeach, got involved in June 2007 and married top top November 8, 2008, in ~ St. Juliana Church in Fullerton, Cali. The couple shares a solid unbreakable bond strengthened by their shared love because that pet dogs.


Joe Maddon v his wife, Jaye Sousoures Maddon

Currently, they own two cute English Bulldogs called Clementine and also Winston. Jaye was born top top April 30, 1962, together Joyce M Sousoures. Because that high college education, she to visit Fuller Union High School.

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Afterwards, Jaye attended west State University, whereby she studied law. After graduation, she co-founded third Base Concierge v her friend Stephanie Renica in 2008 where they offer miscellaneous services together as occasion planning, computer tutoring, to run errands and personal shopping. Joe Maddon’s wife Jaye Sousoures Maddon is additionally the founder of epos Boxing and also Fitness.