If freshmen or sophomore students space dating juniors or seniors, parental ask the they be permitted to attend event.

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for this reason let"s speak you"re a senior girl in ~ Crookston High School and also you"re currently dating a sophomore. Spring is right approximately the corner, which method the memorable hustle and also bustle that"s connected with Prom, and also yet if you desire to carry a day to one of the defining events of your high institution life, it"s going to have to be someone various other than your boyfriend because he"s not allowed to attend because of his age.

It"s that scenario that spurred 2 CHS moms this week to ask the Crookston school Board and Superintendent kris Bates to reconsider the rule that allow only juniors and also seniors to to visit the CHS Prom. One of the mom"s daughters is a an elderly currently date a sophomore.

Solheim, speaking to the plank at the start of their meeting, said that attendance at the actual run is down in current years, with much more students attending the after-prom party tradition known as Blast to Bede. If juniors and also seniors who are in relationships v sophomores and also freshmen were enabled to attend the dance with their boyfriends and also girlfriends, she said, prom attendance can increase.

Solheim added that part students were all set to beginning a petition drive seeking a prom period eligibility readjust if require be.

nobody is asking the a prom couple comprised of only freshmen or just sophomores be allowed to attend prom, she added. Talked around before The rule limiting CHS Prom attendance to only juniors and seniors is not a brand-new topic the conversation. Bates called the Times the the dominance dates ago to 1974 yet has come up in conversation regular in the countless years since.

at the board meeting, board Chair candid Fee indicated that Bates would research the matter and also come back to the board v some talk points to get the dispute started, or a feasible recommendation.

Bates said he has spoken with first-year CHS major Eric Bubna top top the matter and also "he has actually a an excellent plan walking forward." While no speaking especially of a petition drive, the superintendent claimed it might be way for a tiny group the CHS college student to technique Bubna v their think on just how they think the prom age eligibility policy could ideal be altered. "I think that is a an excellent start," Bates said.

Bates said that, at this allude in the discussion, the remains open to transforming the policy, or leaving it together is.

"I"ve never ever been a "this is the method we"ve constantly done it" person; in fact, it"s usually the other way," the superintendent said. "However, this does have traditions, which go not median it must be adjusted or no changed."

In previous job stops, Bates said he"s been at high colleges were younger students were allowed to to visit prom, and where they were not. There"s no actual right or wrong, the added, "It"s just how they walk thing."

Bates added that he"d obtained a few emails on the topic recently and suggested the approaching the institution board could be the best means to acquire the conflict started. Prom chatter ~ above the Times’ facebook page... • Torrie Greer, 2014 CHS graduate: In vault high schools I"ve attended, Prom to be strictly a junior/ an elderly event unless they to be dating/ inquiry an underclassmen come attend; then it was fair game. Ns think this would be a nice adjust to the prom plan at CHS; why segregate who can go to prom, and also have unnecessary arguments/ tears in between underclassmen and upperclassmen, simply to conserve a tradition? I know that it"s crucial to uphold traditions, but I think there"s always room because that a little contemporary upgrades/ changes. Have to be exciting to see just how it pans out!

• Lynn Frisk, mommy of 2014 CHS graduate and CHS sophomore: ns attended a huge high school in the pair Cities and sophomores were permitted if inquiry by a junior or senior. College students are enabled to come back and attend as dates, so it already is not strictly a "junior/senior" event. Ns think prom attendance would go up if upperclassmen were permitted to asking sophomores here.

• Ann Longtin, CHS alum: component of the funny is that it"s just junior/seniors! Or it was for me anyway. Maybe have actually the high school youngsters all vote on it.

Prom plans elsewhere...Thief flow Falls: guests for every dances should be under the age of 20 or have administrative approval.

Grand Forks Central and Red River: The prom is for juniors and seniors. Guest of high college age and older may be invited by upperclassmen.

East cool Forks: Guest attendance in ~ the prom is restricted to people who space enrolled in the nine grade or older. Ninth or tenth graders need to be invited by juniors or seniors.

Bagley: Registered guests must have attained the sophomore year in high institution to be eligible to to visit the grand march, banquet and also prom. Students might take one out-of-school guest together a date, noted he/she is at the very least a sophomore, and two decades of period or under, and also parents and students authorize the prom contract.

Ada: added students allowed to attend prom have to be invite by either a small or senior and must be in at least 9th grade and also under 21 years of age.

Fertile-Beltrami: Juniors and seniors might invite dates to the run that space sophomores or above, but under the age of 21.

Fosston: any kind of junior or an elderly may sponsor one guest to the prom. Guests must be in at least 10th grade. They must sign up at the office in advance.

Fisher: all out-of-school days must be under 21, at the very least a freshman in high school, and must it is in registered in the high college office by the Wednesday prior to prom. Because that Fisher students, freshman and also sophomores may attend through invite only.

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Red Lake Falls: The prom is open up to any kind of sophomore, small or an elderly enrolled at Lafayette High School and their date. Days may it is in no younger than tenth grade and also no older 보다 20 regardless of if they room a Lafayette college student or alumni or from out of town.