These days many people are spring to gain locs, that getting an ext popular, and also many celebrities have it. It could be a an excellent reason you’re searching for this and are asking yourself how regularly you need to retwist locs?

Locs have to be retwisted once a month at most. You shouldn’t retwist the locs too often because the hair no going to organize the retwisted locs forever. In the beginning, it might be tempting come retwist the locs much more often but shot to stop that and do it when a month.

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If you’re considering getting locs yourself, make sure to do numerous research around it. It’s essential for girlfriend to recognize what you’re getting into.

With that said, let’s obtain dig deeper and learn an ext about locs!

When must You Retwist Starter Locs?

In the beginning, once you’re gaining starter locs, it’s essential to be patient. It’s a long process that won’t offer you outcomes overnight. It would certainly be appropriate to start retwisting her locs once a month. Especially for starter locs, the essential.

If friend haven’t done this yet, make certain to perform so. Some human being wait even longer than as soon as a month. However, ideally, it would be once every 4 come 6 weeks. 

The difficulty with retwisting the too often is that the roots can acquire too tight, make the retwisting progress very difficult. That will end up being too loose, and also your hair isn’t going to prefer it.

It can also hurt the scalp if you execute retwist it too tight. It taken place to one of my friends that has obtained starter locs a pair of month ago.

The finest maintenance because that starter locs is to try retwisting after you wash the hair. This might be anywhere from when every month up to three months. The really up to you what your choice is and if her hair can handle it.

Stressing the hair also much might lead come serious problems later on, it’s great to uncover some that has actually locs us or that has been doing that for plenty of years.

How Long deserve to You walk Without Retwisting Locs?

Going the end without retwisting locs have the right to make the hair an extremely messy and also unprofessional. Generally speaking, you deserve to go because that as lengthy as you want there is no retwisting the locs. Keep in mind the most human being retwist your locs as soon as or double a month to save it neat.

If friend haven’t to be doing that already, shot retwisting the at least once every two months. That would certainly be ideal, and your locs are going come look way better than no doing it.

It’s necessary that girlfriend take great care of your locs due to the fact that some human being get locs themselves and also let lock sit. Yes sir no exact step-by-step progress due to the fact that it’s various for everyone. However, you have to take good care of the locs if you desire to keep the scalp healthy.

Keeping the scalp healthy and balanced has numerous benefits, like prevent itchiness and also possibly even hair lose in the future. Many human being that aren’t taking good of their locs are often the lazy ones.

There are always a few rotten apples that are prefer that. Make sure you won’t loss into the trap due to the fact that it might lead to serious hair problems.

Are Starter Locs claimed To Itch?

In the beginning, it could itch a bit, yet over time, you’ll get used to it. The majority of civilization that experience itchiness only have that in the beginning when they’re gaining starter locs. 

Some of my friends had actually this problem too, however after a pair of days, it goes away, and also you won’t even notice it anymore. 

However, if you’re still enduring itchiness, it’s probably since you have a very dry scalp. There space a couple of ways to prevent that indigenous happening. Some assets that occupational really well are tea tree and also peppermint oils.

These two products work yes, really well to obtain the itch out, making the scalp a lot smoother. Another plus is the these oils advantage the locs, do them also better. 

If the doesn’t occupational for you, there’s additionally peppermint water spray. This spray is made out of natural ingredients and doesn’t have any kind of toxic chemicals inside.

Studies have shown that making use of peppermint oil reduce the itching very quickly and also ideally stays clear of it.

5 tips To wash Starter Locs


There are thousands of tips for washing locs, however we’ve choose the most beneficial ones. Right here are 5 tips for washing starter locs yourself.

Make the locs wet v water.

By do the locs wet through water, that shampoos easier. Adding shampoo to dried locs will certainly make it very hard come clean the dreadlocks.

Add a tiny amount the shampoo.

Add a small amount the shampoo. Including too much have the right to make the hair really oily and hard to rinse out. It’s important to add a little amount because you can constantly add much more if it’s needed.

Massage the shampoo right into the scalp and also make sure it lathers well

Massage the shampoo well into the scalp. Shot to hit every part of the hair to make certain it cleans well. This is important especially for starters that have never cleaned your dreadlocks before.

Rinse the shampoo out through lukewarm water

Rinsing out through lukewarm water is better for the scalp. It won’t tension the hair follicles. Prevent using ice cream cold or very hot water.

Dry the locs through a towel and try to avoid blowdrying.

Dry the locs with a towel, and if she blowdrying the locs, it could potentially damage and dry the end the scalp. Bath towel drying is one of the best ways to dried the dreadlocks.


As you have the right to see, it’s very important to keep retwisting her locs every month. There is no the right timing and knowledge, retwisting have the right to do much more harm 보다 good. Save in mind the starter locs have to wait also longer before retwisting.

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You don’t want to potentially damages the locs, resulting in serious difficulties later on. For an ext guidance about dreadlocks, remain tuned to our blog.