I have recently watched the movie The BFGand i have decided that I desire to become a giant—naturally. But, before I begin the transformation, I thought I’d begin by finding part facts around what would certainly actually occur if human beings were giants.

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In both the movie and also the book, theBFGdescribes himself as 24 feet tall—taller than a malegiraffe,which is approximately 18ft. In order to rise in size enough to competitor the BFG, a human being (approximately 6ft tall), would must increase roughly 4 times in height. However, the isn’t feasible to simply scale a common 6ft tall human being up by a factor of four as result of the square-cube law.


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The square-cube law states thatas an object grows or shrinks in size,its volume grows and also shrinks much faster than its surface area—respectively. This law uses to any animal, because an pet that is twice as tall, compared to a comparable animal, will experience the cross sectional area of its leg bones end up being four times together large, yet have that is weight become eight times together large. One’s muscles, bonesand organs would certainly not strengthen concurrently and also as a result, their legs wouldn’tbe maybe to assistance the weight of the remainder of your body.


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This impact can be seen, to a degree, in the case of the 8"11"tallRobert Wadlow, who prospered so tall he required leg braces and a cane to aid his walking together the push of his load was far too great for his bones.

The square-cube regulation may it is in a problem, but what if one was able to store their same weight, a fixed weight, however only their atoms were stretched more apart? If one to be to stretch their atoms further apart, even though their mass would continue to be the same, their thickness would decrease by a factor of 64—to 15.4kg/m3. If this to be the case, they would basically it is in floating through life due to the fact that their thickness is only about 12.5 times the of waiting (1.225 kg/m3).

Now this possibility might sound fun, yet one would now have to be mindful of their brand-new nemesis—the wind. According to theBeaufort Wind Scale, one would have to be worried around wind speeds greater than 36km/h, which would carry them come 19 knots, a fresh breeze. At this point, the breeze would be sufficient for small tress come sway and also for castle to be whisked away.

Let’s scrap the idea and say that one could defy the square-cube law and that their bones would certainly not collapse due to their brand-new weight—how lot would lock weigh? follow to mine calculations, one average-sized, 6-ft tall human, would weight approximately 4500kg—about the very same as one adult oriental elephant. In ~ this weight, one would need to be cautious when wade since, even though they would certainly be good on city sidewalks, they would sink insoil.

Another thing to consider is how conveniently you might move around. As you have now come to be a giant, a human being would assume that a giant might move faster. Sadly, earth’s gravitational acceleration would certainly not range up resulting in gravity taking much longer to enable parts the one’s human body to fall.

Using theFroude number

one can calculate the their new velocity would be about half of a common human"s. An interpretation one would walk at approximately 10km/h, which is double that the a constant humanbut they would be taking longer to accelerate; however, that’s no the just thing that would certainly be slower.

Since one has now end up being much taller, the electrical signals that take trip to and from the mind have a much bigger distance to cover, but thenerve advertise rate, the speed of the electric signals, would be constant at 360 km/h. Together a result, a giant would be four times slow at reacting—they would certainly think in ~ a rate of one 2nd instead the a quarter second.

However, at least a giant would be stronger, right? Well, yes and also no. Together a result of becoming a giant, your complete strength would boost by a aspect of sixteen, however as the square-cube legislation applies, the stamin to load ratio has actually actually gone down by a aspect of four. Not just that, however a huge should no do much labour extensive work as their heart rate would just be 29% that of normal—23 beats every minute (BPM) rather of the average80BPM.

But, let’s emphasis on the positives: Firstly, this transformation would reason a who voice come deepen rather a bit. The resonant cavity in one’s neck would have enlarged, and also as a result, your pitch would go under by a element of four, between 21–45 Hz. In this range, one would be just barely audible tohumans—we have the right to hear native 20 Hz come 20 kHz. However, if a gigantic were come have any pets, the pets probably wouldn’t hear them at all. Dogsfor example,can just hear above 67Hz andcatsabove 55 Hz.

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The 2nd positive is that according toKleiber’s Law, a giant person’s metabolic price would boost by a aspect of 23. Currently why can this be a positive? well this would typical that if ns were to become a giant, i would need 23 extra order of tacos whenever ns go to Tacofino and if that isn’t reason enough to come to be a giant, then i don’t recognize what is.

This is a guest post from, Justin Aujla,a student in ours Future scientific research Leaders Program. Read on in the college student blogs to discover out all around the neat-o research study our young scientists are doing!