The dumbbell curl is one of the most common and also effective exercises because that training and building increase the biceps. That being claimed though, because that beginners it can be tough to acquire started v the dumbbell curl.

They don’t know which weight to pick; some desire to look cool and also go as well heavy, rather go too light and can’t feel anything.

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That’s why this particular day we’re diving deep right into the median dumbbell curl weight. We’ll watch what the median is because that both men and also women across all suffer levels, beginners, intermediates and also advanced.

What is a Dumbbell Curl?


Before us go any kind of further, we should clear up what a timeless dumbbell curl is. Not due to the fact that the background is facility or anything, but because there room so plenty of variations, part which deserve to be rather confusing (think Zottman curl) which can confuse any type of beginning weight lifter.

As discussed above, the dumbbell curl is a bicep exercise. It is one of the finest exercises to isolation the bicep muscle, though it also trains your forearms and grip toughness to part extent.

Like ns said, there are likewise hundreds of sports of the classic dumbbell curl. This exercise deserve to be performed v nothing other than a standard dumbbell. Yes, over there are flexible ones favor these, but nonetheless, very same thing.

Once did you do it mastered the original exercise, friend can begin to experiment by transforming grips come hit different heads that the bicep; using equipment like preacher benches combined olympic barbells or arm blasters for better isolation or hammer curls for the size gainz.

How to perform a Dumbbell Curl:

Most beginner think castle know how to perform a dumbbell curl. After all, they’ve watched it many times on movies and also tv!. However, many of the moment these actors no using ideal form, no one trying to get a workout, lock are simply trying come look an excellent for the camera!

On the other hand, we room trying to flourish muscle safely, which means form comes an initial and looking cool come second.

Check out the following video clip on just how to actually perform a dumbbell curl.

Step 1 - Bicep curly Stance

Being in the appropriate stance is critical for was standing exercises. It help you distribute weight more evenly across your body and keep your spine straight.

The stance for dumbbell curls is simple: Stand v your feet encountering forward, shoulder broad apart, and also keep her knees relaxed. Host the dumbbells at your side in a neutral position, with your palms facing inwards. Don’t worry around dumbbell weight, we’ll deal with that later.

Step 2 - The Lift

While maintaining your elbow locked in place, carry up the dumbbells if rotating your palms so that they’re encountering upwards. Then gradually lower them ago down and return to the starting position, through your palms facing in.

It is vital to regulate the weights on the method down, this will assist you avoid injury, but also work her biceps together you withstand gravity. If friend don’t resist gravity on the means down, you’re literally getting half as much advantage from the exercise!

Common Dumbbell curl Mistakes

Listed listed below are several of the mistakes the beginners make as soon as performing this exercise

Bending your ago while during curls

A wrong you’ll check out a the majority of beginners make, particularly when they’re making use of too lot weight, is bending their earlier to obtain the weight up. This way they room “cheating” on your curls by recruiting their core and earlier muscles instead of isolating your biceps.

This not only takes far from the effectiveness of the exercise, the can also be dangerous. Through bending backwards you’re putting your spine in a jeopardized position, while likewise bearing a heavy load, i beg your pardon can result in major injury.

Moving their elbows forward

Our bodies are very efficient, so instinctively it desires to recruit more muscles to do the movement easier. It is why a lot of of civilization don’t also realize they are cheating on your curls by moving their elbows forward together they background the dumbbell.

By law this, you permit the shoulder muscle to bear part of the load, i m sorry defeats the point, since you’re trying come stimulate your biceps.


Anyone who’s read this far knows the the bicep is the major muscle operated while law dumbbell curls. What you might not know is the your bicep is composed of 2 heads, called “long” and “short” heads. The brief head is what gives your biceps the meaty look indigenous the front, if the long head is responsible because that the bicep “peak” the you get when you flex.

In fact, girlfriend can pick to target every bicep head in different way with the dumbbell curl simply by changing your grip. If you store your palms encountering inwards during the entirety movement, you will do it work much more on your long head. That is referred to as a hammer curl.

If friend twist her palm upwards and even slightly raise your pinky finger, you’ll be working on your brief head.


There room two methods in which your forearms contribute to the dumbbell curl. One is by gripping the dumbbell, that not unusual for beginners to grip the dumbell too hard and burn up your forearms prior to their biceps gain the chance.

The second method is through assisting in the movement itself, due to the fact that some of her forearm muscles help in flexing her elbow. In fact, if you do hammer curls like we described over (palms dealing with in) you will also put an ext tension on your forearm. To take it a step further, if girlfriend switch your grip so the your palms are facing down, you will do it be doing turning back curls which space a forearm exercise first and foremost.

What is the average dumbbell curl weight, what it relies on and how the is calculated

By many Standards

Unfortunately, there"s no official numbers for what the average dumbbell curl load is. Happy for you, I recognize where come look, so i did discover some referrals to the average dumbbell curly weight:


General weight Range, no A Percentage

When friend talk about lifting averages, it"s typical for human being to give them as a percentage of bodyweight. This does do sense, due to the fact that you can’t suppose a 200 lb man and also a 120 pound mrs to background the same.

However, i don’t wanna be doing math once I’m in ~ the gym do the efforts to choose a dumbbell, and also I’m guessing you nothing either, so i’m gonna provide you numbers, no percentages, numbers. In this case, the typical dumbbell curl load is 40 pounds for men and 20 pounds because that women.

Keep in psychic this is for ONE repetition, called a one rep max. Following we"ll dive into the median for 8 to 12 reps.

Average Dumbbell Curl load - for 12 Reps

There room no sources for typical dumbbell curly weights because that 12 reps, and also this time no amount of digging can help us. Fortunately, there space some math formulas that have the right to predict exactly how much weight you can lift based upon your one rep max. We know the typical one rep max is 40 pounds because that men and 20 because that women and from there us can obtain an estimate.

So, we have our one rep max, we form it into the formula and this is what we obtain


It’s funny to to compare strength criter to view where girlfriend stand and also can sometimes be advantageous to have something to strive for and progressively obtain better. The flip side is that you fall waay below strength requirements you could feel awful and lose an inspiration to store training.

That’s why ns wanna finish this by informing you the in reality, weight is just a number and also it yes, really doesn’t matter just how much you lift.

What matters is the you’re pushing yourself as tough as you have the right to without risking injury, that alone will reason your muscle to grow and you to be one action closer come the human body of your dreams.

Yes, I know this sounds favor motivational bull crap to make people feel better, yet it"s actually true! There room plenty of top bodybuilders who use reasonably low weight and instead usage high reps, because the chance of getting injured is much lower.

FAQ about Dumbbell Curls exercise

Here are the most generally asked concerns that beginners have when starting out performing this exercise

How much should i lift in one eight dumbbell curl?

You need to lift as much as girlfriend can, when maintaining an excellent form. For many people, that will be somewhere approximately 28-30 pounds, though if you’ve been training for a while it may be higher.

Which is better, dumbbell curls or barbell curls?

While because that most people the distinction is negligible, dumbbell curls are a bit much better than barbell curls for 2 reasons. First, they permit your wrist to move much more naturally during the movement. Second, castle are far better to protect against imbalances, since each eight does the work independently. With barbells, your leading arm could do a bit much more work.

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One the my arms is Weaker 보다 the other, what carry out i do?

It"s cool, most world have one arm that is stronger than the other, commonly their dominant arm. This can be fixed by beginning your curls with your weaker arm and seeing how countless reps you have the right to do, climate doing the same amount because that your strong arm even if you have actually some left in the tank. That method your solid arm will prevent progressing till your weak one catches up.