Like a phoenix, Hitmaka increased from the ashes the his former self and alias Yung Berg. That is a multi-talented rapper, singer and record producer v some distinctive qualities far better suited to his personality. It’s no secret that that is a temperamental male who has occasionally arrived on the wrong side of the law. So exactly how does this pan out into his life particularly with the disapproving parental of his musical career? discover out below and an ext on Yung Berg’s net worth, age, family and wiki-bio.

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Who is Yung Berg? His career and profession details.

Deep under the infamous personality v the stage names, Hitmaka, Iceberg and Yung Berg is a continual American guy recognized as Christian Ward. He hails indigenous Chicago, Illinois where his parents elevated him.

After school, he made his debut at Bloodline records on the leave Wounds movie soundtrack. Earlier then the went v the alias Iceberg and also was affiliated in the beginnings of the Yung paris Movement. Because that years he functioned as the recording assist to rappers until he exit his first single in 2007 title Sexy Lady.

It was during this time that Rapper Yung Berg ditched Bloodline Records and also signed on to epic Records. While there, that released some EP’s, singles and collaborations such together Sexy deserve to I, perform That There, and The service featuring Casha.

These tracks ended up being instant hits making their means up the charts. The rapper went on to form The Dream Team in participation with the Holladay brother in 2009 that embarked on the manufacturing of different albums. Some significant mentions encompass Nicki Minaj’s album, The Pinkprint. He then went on come star in Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2013 however was fired in 2015 top top assaulting his girlfriend.

Yung Berg network Worth. Just how did he do money?

The rapper lives a lavish way of living as reflect by his fortune. Yung Berg’s network worth follow to dependable sources is estimated to be roughly $2 million. This worth is a total sum of his assets, including his entire discography throughout all the document labels the signed to.


The rapper, Yung Berg net worth is $2 million

By now, you must have some inclination as to where his fortune comes from. For clarification purposes, lot of it originates from his career as a record producer. Very closely following the source are the sales indigenous his albums and singles.

Moreover, the was also a fact star throughout the years, 2012 until 2015 once he acquired fired. The Network, Vh1 paid him handsomely for his key acts. Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood is at this time in its 5th season. Inspect net precious of cast of Love & i know well Hop: Hollywood.

Yung Berg Parents, family.

Berg’s career started during his rebellious teenage years once he secretly got signed come DMX’s Bloodline Records. His parents to be protective the him and didn’t desire him to get affiliated in music. Together a result, they shipped Yung Berg turn off to a armed forces boarding institution in Montana at age 16. Prefer the rest of the children there, he did his time and completed his education at period 18.

His parents do a decent living as service moguls that raised him. The rapper is of mixed ethnicity i beg your pardon he gets from his folks. His mom is afri American conversely, his dad is of Puerto Rican descent. Details of vital information prefer their names have stayed off the limelight until now.

Is Raper Yung Berg date a Girlfriend? Or married come wife?

Enough about Yung Berg’s net worth. Now let’s talk about his girlfriend and also dating life.

Yung’s love life is thought about as among the optimal reasons he acquired labeled as a delinquent parent. He had some relationships with a woman named Bianna that led to the bear of a son named Lamont McFerrin. However, the didn’t desire anything to through both that them come which the mother slammed that with child support fines to the track of $104,000.


Yung Berg v his girlfriend, Masika Kalysha Tucker

His other relationship with co-star Masika Kalysha Tucker top top VH1 finished on attack charges which got him fired indigenous the set of the program. She obtained a pay raise after acquiring reinstated native a sustaining casting role to component of the main cast. Other women he has dated incorporate Arika Kane, Joie Chavis and also Milani Rose. One point is for certain though, Rapper Yung Berg is single and not married.

Yung Berg Wiki-Bio, Age, genuine Name.

Full NameChristian Ward
Date that BirthSeptember 9th, 1985
Place that BirthChicago, Illinois
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, rapper, and producer
Net worth$2 million
Height5 feet 8 inches
Zodiac sign

Berg was born together Christian Ward ~ above September 9th, 1985 in Chicago Illinois. There have been rumors concerning his brother, the same age as the is and supposed death but his existence has been however to it is in proved. The rapper likes to store his life private unless it’s scandalous and also beyond his control.

On the exact same note, he gained arrested on many occasions for possession the a weapon, drunk and also being disorderly. The was additionally a bolt victim on august 2008 that obtained his crew ‘whooped’ by rapper Trick-Trick and also his clique. Overall, drama appears to monitor him all his life.

Rapper Yung Berg’s actual name is Christian Ward.


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Yung Berg’s parents that disapproved that his job in his young age look choose they still hold their floor in their decision. Even with his net worth and also successful career, they room still absent from the limelight – a personal choice.