Loretta Devine is an actress and also singer who has appeared in a variety of Broadway productions and movies and also films.

Devine has actually received critical acclaim for her soaring voice and also warm personality, yet the actress has actually proven that she has actually the ability to portray any character. After being in the entertainment company for much more than four decades, Devine has actually amassed an outstanding net worth — and with a busy schedule front of her, the is clear that the longtime fan favorite isn’t going all over anytime soon.

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How walk Loretta Devine come to be famous?

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Loretta Devine to be born in Houston, Texas, in 1949. Increased in a working-class family with a mom who operated as a beautician and a father who was a laborer, Devine was very active in social clubs while in school. As a child, Devine ended up being interested in performing for others and also started acting and singing in talent mirrors while in attendance at George Washington Carver High School.

Devine go on to attend the college of Houston, graduating in 1971 v a Bachelor of art in Theatre and also Drama.

Almost immediately, Devine relocated to new York City, where she started pursuing a job on stage. Devine made her Broadway debut in 1978, in a show called A Broadway Musical. While that present closed not lengthy after that debuted, Devine didn’t waste any time, landing duties in shows such together Comin’ Uptown and also Dreamgirls.

It was in the latter show that Devine very first rose come prominence, originating the role of Lorrell Robinson, a fictional character based on Mary Wilson, an original member of the famed girl team The Supremes. 

What is Loretta Devine finest known for?


Actress Loretta Devine | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

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All when Loretta Devine made tide on Broadway, she broadened her reach right into television and film jobs as well. Over the years, Devine has showed up in movie such as Will, little Nikita, Stanley & Iris, waiting to Exhale, and also The Preacher’s Wife.

Devine had actually the opportunity to work with major stars such together Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett. Despite the fact that she has shared the phase with many power players, Devine deserve acclaim ~ above her own terms — and also thanks to her work in the 1995 movie Waiting to Exhale, Devine earn an NAACP image Award for impressive Supporting Actress in a movement Picture.

In current years, Devine has ongoing to work-related prolifically in Hollywood, exhilaration in TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Public, Everybody no Chris, and also The Carmichael Show. Plenty of fans understand Devine best for she long-running recurring role in Grey’s Anatomy as Adele Webber.

For her work-related in the series, Devine won a Primetime Emmy compensation for exceptional Guest Actress in a Drama collection in 2011.

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What is Loretta Devine’s net worth?

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Throughout her lengthy career in show business, Loretta Devine has constantly managed to continue to be out that the headlines, staying clear of any an unfavorable publicity. In fact, she has remained a fan-favorite because that the method that she always keeps it classy, whether acting onstage in a big-budget production or speaking to reporters and also journalists. Many thanks to she long, prosperous career, Devine has actually amassed an superior net worth.

According to Celebrity net Worth, Devine’s net worth is approximated to be about $10 million. 

Devine isn’t walking anywhere, and with regular appearances in daytime television booked, consisting of a highly-publicized appearance on black-ish, the veteran actress continues to knife legions the fans. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat sheet for every the latest entertainment news!